This week has been so busy it’s a wonder I’m still alive! Apart from working full days in court, I had Sam to walk in the afternoon and photography courses Tuesday and Thursday after hours. 😉 And if you think that interpreting in court for a whole day is like working in the office from 9-5, think again! People can’t even be bothered to turn on the microphone, they speak without exhaling and they generally lack any sign of professional courtesy. So imagine your head spinning with legal sections and subsections, slightly hungry and fedd up the world and then trying to sit still in class and socialize a bit during the breaks, too. Y-ha! 😉

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Summer in September

I keep reading this September has the highest temperature recorded in over 100 years and while I´m concerned about our planet´s future, I couldn´t be happier for a prolonged summer. I can put on some shorts and a t-shirt and take Sammy out for an evening beer in the neighbourhood. 😉 14303698_10154332113296480_1982452820_o Continue reading

A Sunday Well-Spent

Yesterday I was in a strange mood, it was as if my whole body was mourning the carefree summer days and getting ready for a new phase- call it autumn, call it work, or just routine. Whatever you choose to name it, I felt a big sense of loss and very little pleasure in anticipating what would come. To cheer myself up and because I had invited friends over for coffee, I decided to make some ciabatta to go with my wonderful home made apple jam. And it was so easy and delicious I thought I should share it with you! 😉13906914_10153774305006711_6722696169116930769_n Continue reading



November started with a pang: I´ve attended two conferences already, I´ve got a lot to do at work and our social arena has been stuffed with birthdays, gatherings and such. And it´s only a matter of time before all those Christmas party invitations start rolling in. At the same time, my body responds later and later, it´s getting dark early and light- late and I´d sleep most of my days off, if only I could. 😉 😦

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Spring is coming at last and it feels so good! I brought a couple of peach blossom branches home today and the white cuties bloomed, so the apartment looks festive and warm. Sammy boy is enjoying his walks, mostly with his pops, since I´ve had a major flu for some days now. He keeps finding gloves and stuff and is ever so happy to carry them around in his mouth.

Work is steadier now and I guess I´m relieved, although I´ve been enjoying my lazy couple of months, too. But now it´s a good time to be busy, the weather makes is easier to get out of the house and just savor a cup of coffee in the sun. Finding an outfit to wear is also more pleasing when you don´t have to think about being warm all the time. 😉 I´ll be sure to post a couple of pictures about that later on this week.

I hope you have a great week! I´m slowly recovering and looking forward to salmon sashimi with white rice and cucumber salad, although I have absolutely no taste or smell whatsoever. 😉


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Thursday off

I had a couple of days in court outside Oslo, meaning I was away from home for 10-11 hours, and now I´m beat. Although that used to be my daily routine, I reckon I´m getting too old for that. 😉 Today I only want to take Sam for a longer walk, make myself a spinach salad with chicken and parmesan and read a book by the fireplace. Hoping it´s the winter blues, I long for lighter days and more sunshine. Here are some pictures from our latest “adventures”.


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Life is not for the tender-hearted

I wish I had thicker skin. For a couple of days now I´ve been feeling frustrated and wronged at work. It´s like I´m standing outside myself and witness how I let things get to me. It´s ridiculous, I know it is. I drive it off, but it comes back. This should run off me like water on a duck´s back, I tell myself. But it doesn´t.

As I go about my daily duties and chores I often take things personally. I wish I didn´t, but I do. I take racism personally, I have a strong sense of justice and I have a hard time accepting that people don´t like animals. I even feel responsible for the Holocaust although I wasn´t even born at that time. I mean I can argue with myself at a sensible level, but on an emotional level it has no effect whatsoever.

This is how I feel today.




I love my work, I´ve always held a vivid interest in languages and human behavior and my job encompasses both of them. I just wish sometimes I were paid to travel around the world and write about it. And maybe spread some style. haha!;-) I find it hard to work in the summertime or accept the idea that I will not have a 3 months holiday until I get pregnant (if ever!) or retired (depressing). I simply miss my childhood holidays,  a whole summer of glorious weather (there´s been a recent study showing it never rained in our childhood, or at least that´s how we choose to remember it), running around, reading a lot of books too advanced for my age (about people hooking up and men having hairy legs- yikes!), discussing the meaning of life with my friend Irina, the only girl in the village my grandparents felt was good enough for me to socialize with. Haha!

As you have probably guessed, our 10 days in Eastern Europe were not enough to calm the holiday fever, especially since the weather has been crappy ever since we returned last week. So we ordered a week in Santorini in August not bearing to think that we won’t get the chance to wear sandals this year! Now I´m back to counting days, something I´m very good at!

Otherwise July is a chill month at work and I´m hoping for half days and some days off, as well. Today we celebrated 9 years of marriage, we had oysters and white wine, pasta and some rosé, too. In August we´ve been together for 11 years and my husband turns 35 so I´m thinking hard of a present worthy of such an occasion. 😉 Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, I´m on a diet (not a very strict one, there´s always room for wine!) and I hope to turn into a diva by the end of the summer, so I can shine in Greece in my Princess Tam Tam bikini. 😉 Enjoy some pictures from Instagram until next time!

xxx, Alina

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