Everyday life takes its toll on me again,

I try to keep busy

So I don´t have to think

About anything big.


It´s fairly predictable, this being alone thing

I do the same stuff, mostly

I walk the dog

I avoid the kitchen

And I play loud music

So as not to hear my own thoughts.


But they´re so piercing and so insistent

And they´re so reproaching, too.

They follow me around everywhere

“Please, let me be!”

“No, we´re not through with you

You need to listen!”


Then I push the head phones

In my ears, until they hurt-

It reminds me of when I stuffed my nose

Full of corn, as a child

And it´s soothing.


Tomorrow I´ll be fine.

I´ll think of something

I´ll keep away from the kitchen

And won´t spill any water all over the sink.


December 2015





November started with a pang: I´ve attended two conferences already, I´ve got a lot to do at work and our social arena has been stuffed with birthdays, gatherings and such. And it´s only a matter of time before all those Christmas party invitations start rolling in. At the same time, my body responds later and later, it´s getting dark early and light- late and I´d sleep most of my days off, if only I could. 😉 😦

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Heia! How have you been? I´ve been running around these couple of days, between jobs, friends and home and my whole body hurts as though I´d been working with my back! Besides buying groceries and taking Sam out once out of three times, I haven´t done that much, but working as an interpreter sure takes its toll on me. After a 9 hours´ day, I usually fall half-dead on the couch and watch Hbo with V. (we´re on Brotherhood now and we love it!)

Today was not as busy however, so I managed to squeeze in a long awaited coffee with a friend of mine and Sam. We sat outside with our necks stretched towards the sun (while Sam was hiding under the bench) and I almost had a heat stroke, I swear! But it felt amazing, after all these cold days, when winter seemed to be never-ending, you need a bit of sun to feel alive again!

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