November started with a pang: I´ve attended two conferences already, I´ve got a lot to do at work and our social arena has been stuffed with birthdays, gatherings and such. And it´s only a matter of time before all those Christmas party invitations start rolling in. At the same time, my body responds later and later, it´s getting dark early and light- late and I´d sleep most of my days off, if only I could. 😉 😦


Luckily, I can´t, I have dog and cat mouths to feed, besides, I kind of like being awake, when I´ve first managed the deed. 😉
Yesterday I went to a conference with a fellow interpreter, it was about metaflammation and its connection to obesity, cancer, dementia and Alzheimer. It was interesting, although we were not exactly the target group, the terminology was aimed for doctors and researchers and not simple mortals. 😉 But if I learned one thing, it was that berries, coffee and pomegranate are good for you! Lucky me, I drink coffee until I shake and pomegranate is my favourite fruit, as of last week! 😉

Otherwise, I was thinking about how dog owners are just like parents, with a few exceptions (I like to think we´re among them), they get really annoyed and childish when their “offspring” doesn´t get along with other dogs, sometimes you´ll even hear the legendary “if you haven’t trained him better”! You wouldn´t believe it! haha! Today I was walking our Sammy, who´d been waiting to be picked up for four hours at the vet (since V was working from 12 and I wasn´t in Oslo before 15) and was besides himself with joy to be reunited with me, when a drug-addict passed us with her rotweiler (why do always people who can´t take care of their dogs choose the biggest and potentially most dangerous ones?!) and they both gave us the evil eye. I had to laugh, I was in a great mood and she couldn´t spoil it, but one has to wonder what gets into grown-ups when they hate you because your dogs can´t see eye to eye?! Haha! It´s infantile, people! Get over it! Male dogs usually hate other male dogs, period. It´s nothing personal.

Anyways, I´d better get ready for work again. On my way home I´m buying fish and making a quinoa salad with berries to go with. I don´t know about you, but dementia scares the bejesus out of me! 😉

Have a good one! 😉

xxx, Alina

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