Apple jam

Fall is here, I watch it from my window, sneaking in, every day more present than the day before. I bought some new socks to match my outfits, I´m taking my shoes to the shoemaker for new soles, looking for a good sweater and for rubber boots, too. On sunny days I´m picking branches of white berries to decorate the house and apples from the neighbourhood trees to make jam out of. IMG_7144

The other day I had gathered about a kilo and so I made the first couple of glasses. So yummy!IMG_7139


1kg apples

1dl water

150-200g sugar

2 vanilla beans


Put everything in a casserole and bring to a boil. Continue until the jam is set and the fruit is soft and brownish. Serve with Philadelphia cheese on a freshly baked slice of bread. Bon appetite!

xxx, Alina

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