Kardamyli, Greece

Long time, no see. Missed me? Last time I checked in, I was overworked and pretty much fed up, now however I´m back with new forces from a week´s holiday in lovely Kardamyli, Greece. A week of sunbathing, swimming in the sea, devouring delicious sea food, enjoying a glass of rosé in the shade of a fig tree or under a vine roof, counting mosquito bites and doing a bit of reading, too. 😉 13592421_10153709126536711_1510472011291841461_n

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Wishing for summer

Now that spring is here (at last!), I find myself dreaming of summer more and more. In fact, it´s just a couple of months away! Summer for me will always be bare toes, white houses by the sea, lazy mornings in bed, garden parties, cocktails, flowers and beach babes. What´s your idea of a perfect summer? This is mine!

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No, I´m not in Mykonos right now, although I wish I were. It´s my number one destination for the time being. 😉 I want to lounge on a sun bed, say good-bye to bills and stress and just be. Eat Greek salad and drink some fizzy white wine while reading a good book or improving my instagram account. 😉

I´ve always known it was a very beautiful island, but the party vibe kind of scared me off. But now I´m ready to kick back and just not care if there´s a party somewhere, as long as I get my fair share of peace of mind. 😉

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It´s 2nd of June and there´s no sign of summer at all in Oslo. In fact, I turned up the heat yesterday and today, after venturing outside in the rain, with a broken umbrella and a pair of patent leather Louboutins for no reason at all (it turned out my services weren´t needed after all), I came home with a single urge: to make myself a warm cup of tea and put on a pair of wool socks. And since the prospects of hot weather are slim this year (we´re only going to Berlin in July), I thought I should take you with me on a trip to memory lane by showing you a couple of pictures from previous holidays and my outfits, of course. 😉


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Postcards from Santorini

Summer is over and I get to wear my new APC wool coat, yippi yey! I got the cat back from our friends and Sammy is a cutie, as always, so life is good. I try to enjoy my afternoons, when I´m not working out with my Personal Trainer (for now, because I dread it so much I´ll be making him a voodoo doll soon enough!), cooking curries and soups and trying to stay away from sweets. 😉 Otherwise I´m getting back to reading, it seems I need to be in the right state of mind to be able to enjoy it and what better than  a comfy blanket, a cup of tea and a scented candle to set the mood right. We´re already planning our next year´s trips, so stay tuned! Meanwhile I walk down on memory lane now and then and today it was Santorini. 😉 Enjoy!

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I couldn´t wait to share my travel adventures with you! I would have already done it from Santorini (although it might have come across as a bit pathetic!), but the internet connection was rather slow. 😉 First and foremost: Santorini is every bit as wonderful as the travel guides will have you believe! Its picture-perfect appearance greeted me every morning and I really couldn´t believe my luck of waking up to such a sight!

Our first day was very stressful since Vinsanto Villas, where we´d paid for our stay in advance, had double-booked and tried to pass a shitty hotel in the middle of nowhere as an upgrade. That made me so furious I was literally ready to jump on the guy´s face when he calmly told us there´d been a mix-up and besides the hotel was renovated, just not our room! haha! How funny is that?! In the end they moved us to Nomikos Villas in Firostefani (we were supposed to stay in Imerovigli) and covered the difference. The villas themselves had nothing wow over them, but our room was spacious and clean, we had a pool, a bar and air condition. And, best of all, we had our own private balcony with stunning views of the caldera!


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I love my work, I´ve always held a vivid interest in languages and human behavior and my job encompasses both of them. I just wish sometimes I were paid to travel around the world and write about it. And maybe spread some style. haha!;-) I find it hard to work in the summertime or accept the idea that I will not have a 3 months holiday until I get pregnant (if ever!) or retired (depressing). I simply miss my childhood holidays,  a whole summer of glorious weather (there´s been a recent study showing it never rained in our childhood, or at least that´s how we choose to remember it), running around, reading a lot of books too advanced for my age (about people hooking up and men having hairy legs- yikes!), discussing the meaning of life with my friend Irina, the only girl in the village my grandparents felt was good enough for me to socialize with. Haha!

As you have probably guessed, our 10 days in Eastern Europe were not enough to calm the holiday fever, especially since the weather has been crappy ever since we returned last week. So we ordered a week in Santorini in August not bearing to think that we won’t get the chance to wear sandals this year! Now I´m back to counting days, something I´m very good at!

Otherwise July is a chill month at work and I´m hoping for half days and some days off, as well. Today we celebrated 9 years of marriage, we had oysters and white wine, pasta and some rosé, too. In August we´ve been together for 11 years and my husband turns 35 so I´m thinking hard of a present worthy of such an occasion. 😉 Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, I´m on a diet (not a very strict one, there´s always room for wine!) and I hope to turn into a diva by the end of the summer, so I can shine in Greece in my Princess Tam Tam bikini. 😉 Enjoy some pictures from Instagram until next time!

xxx, Alina

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Mykonos holiday retreat

This is the British couple Katie and Jonny Friedman´s paradise on earth and you can rent it for holidays if you wish! Facing the Aegean sea, the house preserves the architecture typical for Greece that the owners have spiced up with some designer classics such as George Nelson lamps, tulip chairs and so on. An ascetic feeling predominates and invites you to enjoy your leisure time.

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