Sunday Blues

How are you? Back from holidays and starting work again (like me)? I hope you´re rested and ready for a new start and that you don´t hate your job and feel like crying, the way I used to back when I was working at the bank. 14022358_10153792899976711_5473438996410623727_nI´m back on track and so is my emotional rollercoaster. :-/ After an awesome holiday I find myself chasing my own tail again and battling old demons. Call them money, call them assignments which get cancelled, call them accountancy, call them bad vibes. On top of that my cat is sick and I need to take him to the vet. I´m painfully aware of the fact that he´s 11 and a half and that it might mean he´s just old and consequently throwing in the towel. That saddens me both because I love him and because I hate saying good bye to such a big part of my life. For the better part of my adult life I´ve had two cats, then a cat and a dog and I can´t bear the thought of things changing any time soon. 😦13895235_10153792900031711_273478553734612369_nI didn´t make the list for psychology studies and I´m still not sure whether I´m disappointed or relieved. A friend of mine said “you don´t look that sad, though!”, so I guess I´m not. haha! But I wish I had the choice, meaning I wish I could start the school year and see if it suits me and if I feel motivated enough to continue. Oh, well. We all wish for stuff, I guess. 14046054_10153792900021711_8367654878619069371_nI still have this guy here and my bf and so the world is not going under any time soon. Just made another batch of apple jam, come on over for a jar, if you will! 😉

xxx, Alina

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