Happy New Year


I apologise for my absence, but I needed to upgrade my blog (as in “buy more GBs for pictures”) and since I’m on the broke side for the time being, I kind of prioritised groceries over blogging- haha! But here I am now, an optimist, this year better be amazing, or else…! _mg_0084A couple of pictures from our Xmas dinner, here’ s me and Frederic’s niece, the Xmas tree, Frederic’s nephew and Sam, the star of every dinner party. _mg_0109Back on track and things look better already, it turns out I might be able to sell or buy V out already in February and that makes me so happy I feel like crying and it also makes all the past year’s sacrifices worth while in the end. And as much as people tell you money doesn’t buy happiness, I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve never been so cranky and on the verge of breaking down as I was this past year while short on cash. Money will never make you happy, but not having it won’t either. I’ve had rashes, cried myself to sleep, ground my teeth and scratched myself red, I’ve dreamt about not waking up the next day and so on and so forth. _mg_0085But what can I say, I learned a thing or two, I narrowed my group of friends once again, both from lack of time and from lack of energy, I gained a couple of new friends, I have a bf whom I love and who loves me and otherwise I kept the appearances, as you do if you’re from where I’m from (sometimes it felt like being one of the Desperate Housewives!). Haha! _mg_0098And now, as this super crappy period of my life seems to be over soon, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store. At work, they cut our travel pay in half and that will have major consequences on my income, but hey, I can’t complain yet, at least my countrymen are still active in all sorts of fields and they still need an interpreter. _MG_0118.jpgMy stove top is broken, so I can only cook food in the oven, which is why I’m heading towards the kitchen now to make a new batch of biscotti and read the new book I got for Xmas, The Children Act by Ian McEwan. _mg_0090

Have a lovely January!

xxx, Alina

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