Life is not for the tender-hearted

I wish I had thicker skin. For a couple of days now I´ve been feeling frustrated and wronged at work. It´s like I´m standing outside myself and witness how I let things get to me. It´s ridiculous, I know it is. I drive it off, but it comes back. This should run off me like water on a duck´s back, I tell myself. But it doesn´t.

As I go about my daily duties and chores I often take things personally. I wish I didn´t, but I do. I take racism personally, I have a strong sense of justice and I have a hard time accepting that people don´t like animals. I even feel responsible for the Holocaust although I wasn´t even born at that time. I mean I can argue with myself at a sensible level, but on an emotional level it has no effect whatsoever.

This is how I feel today.



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