How to turn a bad day good ;-)

It´s been a full week and a pretty bad one and so I couldn´t tell you how thrilled I am the weekend is here! I´m having difficulties handling the injustices in my line of work these days without getting so angry that my whole body contracts into one bundle of muscles. So a couple of days ago my foot started aching without having done anything in particular. And today I had one hell of a headache, it felt like my eyes were going out of my orbits. Not to mention that made me quite unpleasant towards my colleagues, so I decided I should get a massage and a bottle of wine, to calm myself down, before I get a heart attack!

90 minutes of thai massage, a nice walk in the sun with Sammy, a glass of wine, two Valeriana pills and a small bag of macarons later, I feel much better! In the mean time I bought a medical dictionary, had a meaningless conversation with a horrible little lady who tried to work her superiority on me on account of her position and her age (that never turns old!) and now I´m about to start making dinner, feeling more zen than in ages. (read drugged)

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A Barbecue in the Park

Yesterday we had our first barbecue in the park and it made me jump with joy! You see, in my opinion, one of the best things about Norway is being able to make use of the city´s recreational spaces- parks, forrest, waterfront, you name it. You can have a picnic right in front of the Parliament building and work on your sun tan from the Opera house´s marble shores. Not like back home where you can´t even tread on grass or else you´ll get a fine! 😉 haha!

And since the weather was sunny and I didn´t feel inspired enough to cook, I suggested a salad and some baked veggies to go with grilled sausages and flat bread (we got some Lebanese bread, from the corner shop). So I packed a bag, told Sam we were going out, although it meant following me everywhere around the house, and started on the veggies.

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Pea and thyme pesto/dinner for two

It was about time I made something yummy, lately food has been more of a necessity (due to lack of time, mainly) and, consequently, quite dull. But yesterday I was inspired by a recipe found here and since “I´m in money” (as we say in Romanian, meaning I got paid), thought I´d prepare something a bit fancier than frozen fish with rice and cucumber or frozen fish with mashed potatoes and cauliflower. (yes, frozen fish is cheap here!) 😉 So I got a juicy piece of entrecôte, ingredients for a pea and thyme pesto, sweet potatoes, as well as beer! 😉IMG_4488

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Dinner Party

We´ve had a couple of tough weeks, a friend of ours passed away and it´s been a hard reminder that you can never take things for granted in life. On top of that we´ve been down with a flu and working the whole time, too. For two weeks now I´ve barely had any taste and smell, not to mention my runny eyes and nose. So what  better way to celebrate a partial come back than inviting a couple of good friends for dinner?


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New Year´s Eve

I´m a sucker for a nice dress and high heels! Any excuse for that! And I love a good dinner party. This year it was our turn to be hosting the New Year´s Eve party and it was lots of fun. Everybody had a good time, or so I like to think, including Sam, our fearless samoyed who lay down to sleep on the ´dance floor´ while one could still hear the fireworks. We had three courses- cheese platter with lemon curd and chutney, tomato bruschetta and Romanian ´salade de boeuf´, turkey and rosemary potatoes with carrot salad for mains and Swiss cake and truffles for dessert. Everybody contributed with a dish since I was a bit fed up with cooking after Christmas. A bit too much to drink, laughs and dancing, in the end we were three girls left gossiping until 4 am. In between all this fun, we sat down and summed up 2013, as well as disclosed our New Year´s resolutions. For my part, I want to give myself some love. I´ll start swimming and doing yoga, since that´s the only work-out I remotely like. We´re planning a trip to Vietnam and New York, so I need to spend less money on clothes and shoes. 2014 won´t only be about career and nothing else like 2013 was, I´ll make sure to be more approachable for my friends and a better wife, sister and daughter. What about you? What are your resolutions? Let 2014 be awesome!

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