A Sunday Well-Spent

Saturday it snowed all day, it was grey and gloomy and a perfect day for baking. I and Sam didn’t do that much, we made some cinnamon rolls and then snuggled up indoors. But I’d promised him a walk in the woods on Sunday and, to our luck, the weather proved amazing just for that! I’d thought about going around lake Songsvann, just the two of us, since F was working all weekend, but then I remembered Gordana lives by another lake- Nøklevann- and there’s both forest and a café and all that, so why not ask her if she wants to join?  When I called her she was baking bread, so I said we’d be there around the time the bread is ready to be taken out of the oven. 😉 _mg_0284 Continue reading

American Pancakes and a Stroll in the Park

IMG_7242Sunday equals brunch and what better way to start your day than with an all American feast? We met my friend Kristin, her American husband and their two kids at Café Fedora in Frogner and had one of the yummiest brunches of all times! The long way there with an over-excited Sammy toggling along was worth it, even though the café itself is no big deal in terms of decor or cosiness (which score a lot of points with me). The service is friendly (Sam even got some bacon!), the coffee is good and the food is authentic, or so they say since I haven´t been to the US yet. 😉

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Glorious spring

Yesterday was a marvelous day and the minute I woke up I decided to be happy. Actually, the whole city was set on enjoying the sun, I would later discover.  I started my day with a morning walk with Sam, picked some spring flowers on our way back and had a joyous egg and bacon breakfast with my man.

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New Year´s Eve

I´m a sucker for a nice dress and high heels! Any excuse for that! And I love a good dinner party. This year it was our turn to be hosting the New Year´s Eve party and it was lots of fun. Everybody had a good time, or so I like to think, including Sam, our fearless samoyed who lay down to sleep on the ´dance floor´ while one could still hear the fireworks. We had three courses- cheese platter with lemon curd and chutney, tomato bruschetta and Romanian ´salade de boeuf´, turkey and rosemary potatoes with carrot salad for mains and Swiss cake and truffles for dessert. Everybody contributed with a dish since I was a bit fed up with cooking after Christmas. A bit too much to drink, laughs and dancing, in the end we were three girls left gossiping until 4 am. In between all this fun, we sat down and summed up 2013, as well as disclosed our New Year´s resolutions. For my part, I want to give myself some love. I´ll start swimming and doing yoga, since that´s the only work-out I remotely like. We´re planning a trip to Vietnam and New York, so I need to spend less money on clothes and shoes. 2014 won´t only be about career and nothing else like 2013 was, I´ll make sure to be more approachable for my friends and a better wife, sister and daughter. What about you? What are your resolutions? Let 2014 be awesome!

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Sam the samoyed

A friend of mine asked me to write an entry on Sam, the sweetest dog in the whole world, who came into our lives in February this year. I already showed you a couple of pictures with the biggest white fluff ever, but I guess he deserves a whole bunch more.

I grew up with cats at my grandma´s,  so I´ve always been a cat person. When I moved to a house with my parents in ´97 we got Jackie, a German Shepard puppy. He was adorable, he couldn´t even hold his ears straight when my dad brought him home. We were great buddies for a couple of years, but somehow he stopped liking me when I moved away. The first chance he got, I was home for a weekend, he bit me in the face. No permanent damage done, it was probably just a warning. And I still like dogs, I just have difficulties trusting big ones.

For a while- 9 years- we had two cats, but last year we had to put one of them to sleep due to kidney failure. It was awfully sad, both for us and for the other cat. Little by little, I started yearning for a puppy. We´d been talking about it for at least a couple of years, but we were always afraid we´re not sporty or disciplined enough. We agreed we should get a puppy when I´d be back from an extensive trial in Bergen and one day before the trial I was told it was off. So we started searching for puppies on the internet. We were interested in samoyed, chow chow or akita. Then we found Sam and it was love at first sight! He looked like a seal puppy, not at all like a dog, but he was the cutest thing we´d ever seen in our lives! And he´s been such a blessing. I´ve never met a more gentle being. He´s playful and sweet, friends with the cat and with everyone he meets. Introducing you to Sam the samoyed, aka Samululu!

Little Sam

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