Dinner Party

We´ve had a couple of tough weeks, a friend of ours passed away and it´s been a hard reminder that you can never take things for granted in life. On top of that we´ve been down with a flu and working the whole time, too. For two weeks now I´ve barely had any taste and smell, not to mention my runny eyes and nose. So what  better way to celebrate a partial come back than inviting a couple of good friends for dinner?


It´s still cod season in Norway, so we got a big one and fried it. 😉 Made some wasabi mayo and served it with roasted potatoes, fried bacon and steamed asparagus. 😉 It was yummy. For dessert we had panna cotta, see my previous post for the recipe.


It was a lovely evening, although I had to do some translating since Franck speaks very little English and Irina and Stefan very little Norwegian. 😉 Especially the jokes were difficult to pass from one language to another without losing their humor. 😉 But hey, that´s what I do for a living, isn´t it?! 😉



I usually like to dress up for dinner parties, but yesterday I couldn´t be bothered. This is me, the homey version, nothing diva about it. 😉


Sam was with us the whole time, eating from his pig tale that he never touches unless we have guests. 😉 He fell asleep at our feet and sighed peacefully. Beo, the cat, was struggling to find his place, he sort of wanted the couch, but didn´t dare to ask, so he ended up following us around and stare. haha!

Hope you had a lovely Friday yourselves! 😉 The sun is shining today and we´re off to the city center for coffee and a stroll! 😉

Hugs, Alina

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