A Barbecue in the Park

Yesterday we had our first barbecue in the park and it made me jump with joy! You see, in my opinion, one of the best things about Norway is being able to make use of the city´s recreational spaces- parks, forrest, waterfront, you name it. You can have a picnic right in front of the Parliament building and work on your sun tan from the Opera house´s marble shores. Not like back home where you can´t even tread on grass or else you´ll get a fine! 😉 haha!

And since the weather was sunny and I didn´t feel inspired enough to cook, I suggested a salad and some baked veggies to go with grilled sausages and flat bread (we got some Lebanese bread, from the corner shop). So I packed a bag, told Sam we were going out, although it meant following me everywhere around the house, and started on the veggies.


I made the salad from a couple of tomatoes, two celery stalks, a bit of red onion and parmesan. Add olive oil and a good white vinegar, salt and pepper and mix. IMG_4959

We baked fennel and asparagus, with cilantro and lime salt, a good dash of olive oil and lots of pepper. Wrap it in aluminium foil and put it on the grill for 10 minutes.



A friend of ours was in town from Bergen, on his way to Amsterdam, where he´ll be working in a coffee shop and living for his music. We envy him for daring to move to another country just like that, I´m still traumatised from my moving to Norway 15 years ago! haha!

Sam was the cutest and happiest of all of us! He´d brought his ball with him and one of us would throw it away and he´d be all over himself with joy retrieving it and jumping up and down to show he had it. haha! So much fun with the simplest means! He then got a couple of sausages as a bonus, but continued to drool over our meal for the rest of the evening.IMG_4983









Oh, I forgot to mention the beer! Of course we had some beer, went through a couple of magazines and were in a general state of good mood and well-being. I wanted ice-cream for dessert, but remembered that my jeans (that were quite loose last year) are bursting around my belly now. 😉

Preparing for a beer with a friend! In the sun! Ta-ta! 😉

xxx, Alina


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