A Barbecue in the Park

Yesterday we had our first barbecue in the park and it made me jump with joy! You see, in my opinion, one of the best things about Norway is being able to make use of the city´s recreational spaces- parks, forrest, waterfront, you name it. You can have a picnic right in front of the Parliament building and work on your sun tan from the Opera house´s marble shores. Not like back home where you can´t even tread on grass or else you´ll get a fine! 😉 haha!

And since the weather was sunny and I didn´t feel inspired enough to cook, I suggested a salad and some baked veggies to go with grilled sausages and flat bread (we got some Lebanese bread, from the corner shop). So I packed a bag, told Sam we were going out, although it meant following me everywhere around the house, and started on the veggies.

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