I don’t know about you, but I loathe February. It’s grey, dark, windy, neither real winter, nor spring and on top of that full of storms. At least this year it has been. And it’s only the 11th. This picture is from last year, don’t let it fool you.


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On the plane

The Turkish Airlines steward reeks of cheap cologne

And I haven´t seen anybody this jolly in ages

I almost feel like slapping him, poor fellow!



“Coffee would be nice”

“Coffee on ice?”

“What? No! Plain”

“Haha, I misunderstood”

“No worries, I say!”

Wipe that smirk before I do, I think to myself.


My fellow passenger wakes me up

He needs to use the restroom

“Sorry, didn´t mean to be rude”, I say

“It´s just that I´m not myself”

He stares (I love making people uncomfortable!)

“Is it your throat? I have drops”, he says

“My throat? No, it´s my heart.”

“No cure for that, I´m afraid.”


It´s amazing how I´m crumbling down

Within myself

And I still think of being polite.


January, 2016

How to turn a bad day good ;-)

It´s been a full week and a pretty bad one and so I couldn´t tell you how thrilled I am the weekend is here! I´m having difficulties handling the injustices in my line of work these days without getting so angry that my whole body contracts into one bundle of muscles. So a couple of days ago my foot started aching without having done anything in particular. And today I had one hell of a headache, it felt like my eyes were going out of my orbits. Not to mention that made me quite unpleasant towards my colleagues, so I decided I should get a massage and a bottle of wine, to calm myself down, before I get a heart attack!

90 minutes of thai massage, a nice walk in the sun with Sammy, a glass of wine, two Valeriana pills and a small bag of macarons later, I feel much better! In the mean time I bought a medical dictionary, had a meaningless conversation with a horrible little lady who tried to work her superiority on me on account of her position and her age (that never turns old!) and now I´m about to start making dinner, feeling more zen than in ages. (read drugged)

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