How to turn a bad day good ;-)

It´s been a full week and a pretty bad one and so I couldn´t tell you how thrilled I am the weekend is here! I´m having difficulties handling the injustices in my line of work these days without getting so angry that my whole body contracts into one bundle of muscles. So a couple of days ago my foot started aching without having done anything in particular. And today I had one hell of a headache, it felt like my eyes were going out of my orbits. Not to mention that made me quite unpleasant towards my colleagues, so I decided I should get a massage and a bottle of wine, to calm myself down, before I get a heart attack!

90 minutes of thai massage, a nice walk in the sun with Sammy, a glass of wine, two Valeriana pills and a small bag of macarons later, I feel much better! In the mean time I bought a medical dictionary, had a meaningless conversation with a horrible little lady who tried to work her superiority on me on account of her position and her age (that never turns old!) and now I´m about to start making dinner, feeling more zen than in ages. (read drugged)

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2013 in pictures

2013 was a good year in many ways. I established myself as an interpreter and worked hard, so hard that I needed almost a month´s break to realize how burnt out I was. I won´t repeat that mistake in 2014. Besides, I alienated many of my friends because I didn´t even have time for myself, let alone for others.

On a personal level, we´re still going strong, trying to have a baby one way or the other.  Meanwhile, we decided to get a dog and that´s how Sam the samoyed entered our lives. We got him in February and he´s been filling every day with pure bliss ever since. He´s such a good natured pup and so affectionate, I never thought you could love anybody as much as we love him! He even befriended our 9 years old cat, at least at a frenemy-level.

Family-wise,  I rejoiced in my niece´s presence when I visited my family in Romania for Easter, as well as in everybody else´s. My parents visited us in July, when Norway showed itself from its best side, it was hot and not a cloud in the sky. Christmas was spent with friends and my husband´s family.

Travel-wise, I savored Palma de Mallorca during our summer holidays, unfortunately we didn´t think of bringing the camera with us, so only Instagram can tell the tale. The fall was busy and stressful, but a short break to Berlin for a conference made it bearable. To get into Christmas mood we went to Tallinn for 3 days and it proved to be a terrific idea. Christmas break was long and lazy, I indulged myself in doing as little as possible.

2014 is the year! I´ll get my driving license, travel outside Europe and work my body in good shape again. And be kind. I´ll start with myself. Have a good one!


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Mondays for a career woman

I´m getting used to those leisure Mondays, I´m thinking of making them a permanent solution. It´s such a good day to breathe! Fridays are not the same at all, you just feel you´re jumpstarting the weekend. Mondays however are an extension of the weekend, you get to do whatever it was you didn´t have time to during those two days that pass way too fast.

Long story short, my day started in court where I interpreted with a friend of mine for 2,5 hours and, due to a cause unrelated to the interpreters, the proceedings had to be postponed. Meaning coffee with my colleague, waxing and massage! Isn´t it just wonderful when you make a little time for yourself? I don´t have kids, so I don´t know how the others manage through the week, but I get so worked up in my daily life I almost get depressed if I don´t have a little timeout at a beautician´s or in a shop. 😉

I then bough a magazine and came home to enjoy some time with the pets. Beo slept leaning on to me and I planned dinner. Onion stew a la grandma, with chicken and dill. Recipe and picture in my next post! Yummy Mondays!