A Short Break in Berlin

After a long winter, I finally get to see a bit of sun! Strolling through Berlin again and feeling sun rays on my cheeks feels surreal, even though that means tears down my face ’cause I didn’t think of taking my shades with me.  img_0200It’s a good day to be around and even better to be away from Oslo, that city is swallowing me raw in winter time, to tell you the truth. img_0201We’re not always good at holding hands, but knowing he’s walking next to me makes me feel happy and light. I could walk for hours on end.img_0172We only have three days here, this trip was a surprise getaway for our soon to be 1 year anniversary. We have lunch at this cute burger place, then throw in some shopping (window shopping for my part) in Mitte. Back to our hotel, we fall asleep for a couple of hours and wake up rested and ready to rumble. 😉img_0173Dinner is an Italian affair in Rosenthaler Platz, after I almost throw a fit because we hadn´t booked a table at the wine bar I’d read about. Luckily, I manage to contain myself to an extent of civility and we stumble upon an even nicer restaurant where we end up dining in their wine cave, which you entry from behind the counter. The food is great and they play amazing music, but when I hear Paolo Conte with Via con me, I feel so happy I could have danced. (and I hardly ever dance in public, I take myself too seriously for that! haha!)IMG_0171.jpgYesterday we did Neues Museum, what an amazing sight! We were so taken by the architecture we almost forgot to look at the artifacts! haha!IMG_0203.jpgIMG_0214.jpgimg_0210img_0195img_0191Brandenburger Tor in sunset was spectacular. There were so many people, walking around aimlessly, it felt like being a part of something bigger than ourselves, isn’t that what people have sought at all times in history?img_0216img_0217img_0219At the Jewish Memorial we walked through the tomb stones, deeper and deeper into the concrete maze and I felt it all of a sudden, a stick to my chest. At first I thought it was my claustrophobia, but no, it was a heavy heart. And suddenly I had this realisation that great art touches us all, even me. img_0221One beer later, we head towards the hotel and get ready for dinner- Japanese at Hashi. What a treat!

xxx, Alina

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