Sunday walk

On a sunny day, Oslo is the best thing you could ever wish for! We have the forrest just a tube ride away, the marina downtown and lots of cafés around. Besides, going out to enjoy the sun and get some D-vitamin is mandatory. Everybody does it. You just can´t let the chance pass you by.

Yesterday was such a day and since Sammy is the real deal, we decided to go to Frogneseteren.  It´s a nice walk in the woods and on the top you get to eat some goodies, too! This is the Romanian way, nothing is too strenuous if you have the prospects of a good meal afterwards.

Afterwards we left Sam à la maison and  went to Sørenga to have a coffee in the sun. My friend Elif joined us and it was a really pleasant afternoon. Dim sum and a movie were in order, so we watched Non Stop with Liam Neeson, an exciting, though pretty straight forward type of movie. Now that´s what I call a Sunday well spent!

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Glorious spring

Yesterday was a marvelous day and the minute I woke up I decided to be happy. Actually, the whole city was set on enjoying the sun, I would later discover.  I started my day with a morning walk with Sam, picked some spring flowers on our way back and had a joyous egg and bacon breakfast with my man.

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