Saturday peek

I love Saturdays so much and even more so when V has a day off! Today we started the day smooching Sam by the bed, then we had coffee and cuddles with Beo in the living room and a walk to the city center for wine and groceries. We´re having guests for dinner and we´ll be serving them Vietnamese fresh rolls and Pavlova cake. Fresh rolls mean that everybody grills their own favorite (fish, shrimps and beef) and assembles it with noodles, greens and veggies, then rolls it in a rice sheet and dips it in a homemade Hoisin sauce. 😉


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My office for today

Crazy cold out there. Went to work, but nobody showed up, so I was sent home. Instead, I paid two of my English-speaking colleagues a visit and listened to them interpret an ever so boring trial about some corporate corruption scandal of some sort. They were amazing, but the topic was horrendous, so I went home after all. I had to light the fire and since we only have a stove in the kitchen, I moved my whole “office” there. Thinking of spending most of my day here, then bake a Pavlova cake and make a lasagna for this evening, when 4 colleagues and friends are coming for dinner. 😉


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Time for a change

I´ve been so good at decluttering lately, I don´t know what hit me! Moving things around doesn´t feel strange anymore and it makes me appreciate all the pretty things we´ve been collecting even more. Besides, they feel like different things entirely. And since the apartment feels airy and nice, I´ll let you take a peep! 😉

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A January Update

How is life treating you after New Year? Are you back on track or still struggling to find the pace? My days are only half full, which suits me just fine because the end of the month will be pretty hectic. I was in Vienna for the weekend and met my family, which was great, and now I´m ready to face whatever 2015 is throwing my way. I´m trying to get some office work done and otherwise I´ve mostly been involved with a major decluttering at home. I´m a hoarder, I´m the first one to admit it!. No matter how many baskets, boxes and bowls, there´ll still be lots of things floating around. I collect magazines, small decoration pieces, jewelry boxes and old tea boxes. Oh, and lamps! 😉 And I love them, but hate them, because I´ve always dreamt of having a stylish, lightly minimalistic home.

Anyway. It´s amazing how light you feel when you just strip down the apartment, throw away some things, give away others, sell a couple on the internet and store the rest in the attic. It´s so much easier to see what you need, too- a String shelf in the living room, a couple of lamps in the bedroom (I know! sigh), a new piece of art in the kitchen (I thought I´d ordered a poster of a cup and it turns out I´d ordered a cup! 😉 haha), the bed stands I´ve shown you before and a giant wardrobe. Besides, we really need some shoe closets in the hallway and storage for my books in the studio. I actually think we´ll manage all those changes in 2015. 😉

Take a look!

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Apartment with personality

The most important thing for me while decorating an apartment is taking my time. This is our 4th apartment in 11 years and the second one we bought. (In Norway you buy, reside a while, improve/renovate and sell. Then you buy bigger, nicer, and so on, until you hopefully land the property of your dreams, at least within your financial range.) I studied for a long time and now it´s my husband turn to break through as a designer, meaning we´ve been living on a tight or semi-tight  budget for many years. At the same time, both of us have a strong need to surround ourselves with beautiful things, so we don´t want to compromise too much when it comes to quality. We bought too many crappy Ikea things that broke and ended up in the trash, so now it´s either design, vintage or inherited stuff. My recipe for an original interior is as such: you need a couple of beautiful and sturdy pieces of furniture, like a leather recliner, a dining table and chairs, a coffee table and a sideboard, a couple of artsy pictures and lots of fond memories (shells and sand or small candle holders and figurines). Throw in a beautiful kelim rug and a couple of gracious pets! Voilà!;-)

The rest you can get along the way, from flea markets, discount stores or second hand designer shops. 😉 We haven´t been able to keep the same couch since the cats have scratched it or it has turned soggy, but next year´s treat is a big, comfy designer couch from Andreas Engesvik!

What do you think?


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Easter break

What are you doing this Easter? We have no plans, other than a day trip to Gothenburg that might or might not go through. So I figured I should use this Easter as an excuse to decorate with flowers, bake some cakes and catch up on some reading. The weather seems to be on our side (for once!), so I welcome lazy breakfasts, walkies with Sammy and some British crime. Meanwhile, I´ll be working a couple of more hours here and there and on Thursday it´s officially on!;-) Enjoy the ride through my house!

xxx, Alina

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Tired of winter

If you ask me, I think winter should only last one month- December. It´s heavy on my feet, it ruins my shoes, I don´t get to wear my dresses and my hands are always freezing! Besides, there´s a limit to a girl´s guilty conscience! I constantly feel I should be more outdoors, learn to ski, walk in the woods more often or go sledging. But I never feel like doing anything else than sit by the fireplace. Now that´s what I call a challenge since Norwegian winter lasts for ages.

I should probably start traveling to a warmer destination, like many Scandinavians do, but I kind of try to stick to our European seasons. I sometimes imagine myself being happy in a place where it´s never cold, but then I think I´d miss winter. Or maybe all my wool scarves. You see, I´m not as shallow as I like to give the impression of, but I´m positive I was some sort of diva in another lifetime. 😉 haha!

Right now I´m tucked in a blanket and have just finished watching the 3rd season of Mad Men. I´ll make myself a cocoa and hope for milder weather next week. Have a good one!