Saturday peek

I love Saturdays so much and even more so when V has a day off! Today we started the day smooching Sam by the bed, then we had coffee and cuddles with Beo in the living room and a walk to the city center for wine and groceries. We´re having guests for dinner and we´ll be serving them Vietnamese fresh rolls and Pavlova cake. Fresh rolls mean that everybody grills their own favorite (fish, shrimps and beef) and assembles it with noodles, greens and veggies, then rolls it in a rice sheet and dips it in a homemade Hoisin sauce. 😉


IMG_1036We also have to give the house a quick shine, this is how it looks like for now. 😉 This shelf got a new place in the bedroom, above the chest of drawers and I like it much better here.


The monkey is actually Sam´s, he found it in the snow and carried it home in his mouth, proud as a hunter. 😉


On Wednesday I had a dinner with some fellow interpreters and I got lots of flowers! These ones liven up the bedroom.


Last, but not least, I collect jewelry boxes, these are my prettiest. 😉


Have a lovely day! xxx, Alina

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