Tired of winter

If you ask me, I think winter should only last one month- December. It´s heavy on my feet, it ruins my shoes, I don´t get to wear my dresses and my hands are always freezing! Besides, there´s a limit to a girl´s guilty conscience! I constantly feel I should be more outdoors, learn to ski, walk in the woods more often or go sledging. But I never feel like doing anything else than sit by the fireplace. Now that´s what I call a challenge since Norwegian winter lasts for ages.

I should probably start traveling to a warmer destination, like many Scandinavians do, but I kind of try to stick to our European seasons. I sometimes imagine myself being happy in a place where it´s never cold, but then I think I´d miss winter. Or maybe all my wool scarves. You see, I´m not as shallow as I like to give the impression of, but I´m positive I was some sort of diva in another lifetime. 😉 haha!

Right now I´m tucked in a blanket and have just finished watching the 3rd season of Mad Men. I´ll make myself a cocoa and hope for milder weather next week. Have a good one!


4 thoughts on “Tired of winter

  1. My problem is being cold and lazy inside for winter and then lazy and spread out in the sunshine of warm weather!

  2. Imi mai zicea fosta noastra colega, Diana, ca ea crede ca a fost printesa intr-o viata anterioara :)))) Tu diva, ea printesa:)) Eu cred ca am fost barbat :))))

  3. Haha there are many people in the tropics who fly over to Europe, to experience snow and enjoy winter. Of course, that is just as a tourist and not staying there..it’s different. Is it true that the sun sets in october and you only get to see it in Februrary? Long winters with Polar nights?

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