Budapest 2018

48027366_2170008583037269_8827283830625796096_n.jpgI hadn’t been to Budapest in 12 years and back then it was summer, I was young and had not traveled that much, meaning I could get enthusiastic about pretty much anything. I remembered it as untouched by tourists, “underdeveloped” in terms of shops and restaurants, but lots of fun. I rediscovered it invaded by hoards of tourists all huddled up from the cold, poorly dressed and way too loud, or maybe it was just me, I thought I had a serious case of fatigue until I got my period and realized it had just been hormones. Oh, well. Continue reading

Berlin Fashion Week

Hi y’all? Missed me yet? We´re in Berlin for the SEEK trade show and it´s been an adventure of all sorts! 😉 I have a couple of fair advice coming up, but this blog entry is about Berlin vibes and holiday “wanderlust”. I love this city, as you might have noticed if you´ve followed my travels for a while now. If there´s one city I´d move to in Europe regardless of the weather (and you know me and weather!) and language, it would be Berlin! Such a cool place, full of positive energy, creative people and progressive paths!

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Tired of winter

If you ask me, I think winter should only last one month- December. It´s heavy on my feet, it ruins my shoes, I don´t get to wear my dresses and my hands are always freezing! Besides, there´s a limit to a girl´s guilty conscience! I constantly feel I should be more outdoors, learn to ski, walk in the woods more often or go sledging. But I never feel like doing anything else than sit by the fireplace. Now that´s what I call a challenge since Norwegian winter lasts for ages.

I should probably start traveling to a warmer destination, like many Scandinavians do, but I kind of try to stick to our European seasons. I sometimes imagine myself being happy in a place where it´s never cold, but then I think I´d miss winter. Or maybe all my wool scarves. You see, I´m not as shallow as I like to give the impression of, but I´m positive I was some sort of diva in another lifetime. 😉 haha!

Right now I´m tucked in a blanket and have just finished watching the 3rd season of Mad Men. I´ll make myself a cocoa and hope for milder weather next week. Have a good one!


Grunnerløkka, Oslo

If you haven´t been to Oslo yet, Grunnerløkka is the hipsters´arena. It´s a former working class area where most of the old buildings have survived and make for a pretty quaint atmosphere.The constant flux of young people, Sunday open shops and the Sunday market in Birkelunden keep the area bustling even when the rest of the town is dormant. The borough has lots of nice eateries, coffee shops and shops and it´s always ready for a new wave of people. Long way to go to achieve any Berlin status, but cool is in order. Although a bit too fussy for me to live in, I enjoy taking a day trip to its stores and have lunch nearby.


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