Time for a change

I´ve been so good at decluttering lately, I don´t know what hit me! Moving things around doesn´t feel strange anymore and it makes me appreciate all the pretty things we´ve been collecting even more. Besides, they feel like different things entirely. And since the apartment feels airy and nice, I´ll let you take a peep! 😉





These four pictures are from our bedroom. White and toned down, just how I like it. Not too much, not too disturbing. 😉IMG_0669



These are from our living room. Still a touch of winter -the cushion and the Amaryllis, but the spring sun is here. And it´s only January. 😉

IMG_0665This one is from our hallway. I love this wall so much!


Fresh flowers are a must, especially on a sunny Saturday. Have a good one! ❤

xxx, Alina

3 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. Looks lovely! I’ve been into decluttering and creating a more minimalist space here lately, too. I think it’s really liberating to get rid of stuff – maybe making a couple of bucks in the process, or just giving it to charity. A great book about this is “Miss Minimalist” by Francine Jay.

    1. I´m a collector to my bone, so it´s painful to get rid of things. But I after a while I feel like throwing away everything because I don´t feel at easy anymore. 😉

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