Party season

These days it’s all about Mad Men and the 60s! I simply adore Joan- her studied elegance, her hair, her hips, her bosom and her wit. I love that she´s not afraid to be a woman, the way most of us are these days. I don´t mean you have to wave your hips when walking, but you don´t need to hide in jeans all the time, either. You´re beautiful,  so why not show it?!;-)

For 6 weeks now I´ve been mainly in court and that gave me a perfect opportunity to wear my nicest dresses. Call me shallow,  I´m the first one to admit it,  but nothing saves the day like a good old fashioned dress and a nice pair of stockings. 😉 And since December is right around the corner, who cares that I´m on a shopping ban,  I can still dream of a wardrobe renewal! For those of you following my blog for a while,  it comes as no surprise that I´m overdressed for most occasions. I don´t mind it anymore, though. I think people should make more of an effort on an everyday basis. Besides it cheers me up, so why not? Here are some hot items this winter:



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Tired of winter

If you ask me, I think winter should only last one month- December. It´s heavy on my feet, it ruins my shoes, I don´t get to wear my dresses and my hands are always freezing! Besides, there´s a limit to a girl´s guilty conscience! I constantly feel I should be more outdoors, learn to ski, walk in the woods more often or go sledging. But I never feel like doing anything else than sit by the fireplace. Now that´s what I call a challenge since Norwegian winter lasts for ages.

I should probably start traveling to a warmer destination, like many Scandinavians do, but I kind of try to stick to our European seasons. I sometimes imagine myself being happy in a place where it´s never cold, but then I think I´d miss winter. Or maybe all my wool scarves. You see, I´m not as shallow as I like to give the impression of, but I´m positive I was some sort of diva in another lifetime. 😉 haha!

Right now I´m tucked in a blanket and have just finished watching the 3rd season of Mad Men. I´ll make myself a cocoa and hope for milder weather next week. Have a good one!


Grunnerløkka, Oslo

If you haven´t been to Oslo yet, Grunnerløkka is the hipsters´arena. It´s a former working class area where most of the old buildings have survived and make for a pretty quaint atmosphere.The constant flux of young people, Sunday open shops and the Sunday market in Birkelunden keep the area bustling even when the rest of the town is dormant. The borough has lots of nice eateries, coffee shops and shops and it´s always ready for a new wave of people. Long way to go to achieve any Berlin status, but cool is in order. Although a bit too fussy for me to live in, I enjoy taking a day trip to its stores and have lunch nearby.


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Mad Men Apartment

Now, I´m more of a bourgeois person, but I love Mad Men and the 60s! And this apartment could be Don Draper´s bachelor pad for all I know, it´s just too cool to be true! The 60s down to every single detail. The George Nelson lamp (we have it, too!), the oak kitchen, Ilmari Tapiovara´s Mademoiselle chair (we have that, too), the String shelves (oh, yeah!), the Eames rocking chairs, and so on. Nice touch on the bathroom, nothing to say against up-to-date facilities in an otherwise so great replica of another era. What´s your opinion?

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