My office for today

Crazy cold out there. Went to work, but nobody showed up, so I was sent home. Instead, I paid two of my English-speaking colleagues a visit and listened to them interpret an ever so boring trial about some corporate corruption scandal of some sort. They were amazing, but the topic was horrendous, so I went home after all. I had to light the fire and since we only have a stove in the kitchen, I moved my whole “office” there. Thinking of spending most of my day here, then bake a Pavlova cake and make a lasagna for this evening, when 4 colleagues and friends are coming for dinner. 😉


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Ellegant Ullevål apartment

Beats me why anybody would ever want to sell this magnificent place, but then again, we wouldn´t be able to see so much beauty if it weren´t for real estate agencies. This dwelling is in a residential area in Oslo, one of the most exquisite, I would say, home to people working in media and academia. I love all the original details, like the broad wooden floors, the stove, the windows and the bourgeois grey tones. Large rooms full of light, a garden where the dog would reside most of the time and little birds the cat would observe from the window pane, this is full bliss for a small family of four! What is your opinion?

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Love this house!

We´re planning on moving to a house in a couple of years´ time and I´m always checking the market. I found this house today that I thought I should share with you, it´s amazing! Not too polished, so you can do a little bit of change yourself, but the frame is stunning! Check out the stoves! I could move in tomorrow!

The house

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