Pinterest Friday

I wish you a Pinterest Friday- glossy and perfect! 😉

I´m been a bit under the weather the last couple of days, my throat is soar and I´ve had a couple of shitty days at work on account of my state- yesterday I made some mistakes and today I forgot an appointment. 😦 Oops! But then again, I didn´t kill anyone, I don´t know how doctors and nurses can live with themselves when that happens, ´cause I´m a mess already from that! I guess they must have bad days, too. :-/ (And I can´t just stay at home either, ´cause nobody pays me if I´m sick.)

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Last day in CPH

IMG_7594We´re home again after a grand weekend away from dog walks and cat poo, from fussing over dinner and going to work at all hours of the day. It´s been so good- sleeping late, eating out, having drinks with friends and discovering the neighbourhood. We´ve mainly kept to Vesterbro, with the exception of yesterday, when we walked all the way to Nyhavn, the canal downtown. The funniest part was when we realised Dyrehaven was just around the corner from our place and we´d walked for at least 20 minutes, round and round the block. Haha!
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Pumpkin soup

I bought a big slice of pumpkin the other day and thought I´d make a pumpkin soup out of it for a chilli evening. But summer has returned, although only for a couple of weeks, so no chilly evenings, yet. Nothing a bottle of Prosecco can´t fix, however, the soup went fine along with the bubbles. I didn´t have all the ingredients listed below in the house, so my soup was a “cheaper” version than the one presented here. 😉 I hope you´ll give it a try none the less! 😉


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Food for crappy weather

Today I was supposed to attend a course, but I woke up with a horrible cold and decided to stay in bed for the rest of the day instead. Fantasizing about food and summer, I found these images on Pinterest that reflect the way I feel about yet another grey day. Let the summer come before I start binging on food for real! 😉 Continue reading

A bit of inspiration

We´re getting a new couch today and the living room looks like an empty battlefield now. I used to work with autistic people years ago and I must be a bit like them ´cause whenever things out of place I get into a bad mood. So before working out the courage to take Sam for a walk and then start on today´s fish soup, I let myself dream a bit on Pinterest.

1. Winter stew. I can almost smell it! 😉

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I´ve been making focaccia for a while with the occasional tapas, but it was never the real deal until I checked out this recipe. For my Norwegian followers I recommend this blog:

1084151_10151526253081711_102203333_oFor my English-speaking readers here it goes:

1kg flour
1 small bag of dried yeast
2 spoons of honey
1-2 spoons of sugar
1-2 spoons of salt
7-9 dl finger-warm water

It´s important to sift the flour and the yeast twice, so the dough gets more fluffy.
Assuming that you´ve baked before, I go straight ahead. You make the dough, you put it on the washing machine and wash some clothes while you´re at it, close the door so the cat doesn´t get curious and then leave it for an hour to rise.

Meanwhile mix some olive oil with rosemary, oregano, thyme and basil. You can also chop some sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese or olives if you´d like the focaccia to be more consistent. Have a glass of Prosecco for the best result!;-)

Before putting it in the oven, make some pits with your fingers and pour in the olive oil and herbs. If you add some tomatoes, olives or cheese, be sure to stick them into the dough. Cut the foccacia then into square chunks. Use a sheet of baking paper under and let the dough rest a while. Bake at 220 degrees C for 15 minutes, then take it out and let it rest for 15 min again. Voilà!

Thai laksa my style

There are many types of thai laksa and I´m by no means any expert. Back when I started cooking for real, 12 years ago, I used to follow a recipe to the letter. Now I find myself more and more just opening the fridge putting together something out of the ingredients I already have. This one comes as a middle ground. I usually have coconut milk and some veggies, maybe even some cilantro and lime, if I´m in luck, so I mainly need to buy the fish and some extra fennel or sugar snaps. It only takes 15-20 minutes to make and it´s yummy!


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Goulash à la Alina and Vuong

Goulash is probably the most Hungarian dish there is. And because it´s served all over the world, I haven´t eaten the same goulash in two places, I swear! In Romania it´s common in Transylvania, as well as in families with Hungarian ties. It might very well be on other people´s menu as well, but in the south, where I´m from, people would rather make lasagna than try something traditional from other parts of the country. I myself had it for the first time in Budapest, many years ago. There it was a thin, soup-like thing, but they served study portions, so it filled student bellies well. Later on I ate it at my aunt´s, she´s a Hungarian born in Norway and was married to my uncle for many years.  She makes it with dumplings and it was about the best thing I´d ever tasted! We love pot roast type of dinners, from ratatouille to chili con carne, so we had to make it ourselves at one point.


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November week

I was starting to forget the main reason why people love working freelance- being in charge of your own time. I rarely feel this is the case for my part, in my line of work I´m way too busy 90% of the time. Thank God November can be slow! This week has been smooth and good for the soul. I filled my days with a little work, walked with Sam, billed and read. I´m also making healthy comfort food since I´m on a diet. It´s just that I surpassed 60kg and knowing that Christmas is right around the corner and that I´m in my 30s, I thought I´d take matters into my hands before they escalate. Today I thought I should reward myself with a faux chocolate mousse made of avocado, cocoa, bananas, apple juice and olive oil. Blend two avocados, two bananas, 3 tea spoons of cocoa, one tea spoon of olive oil and two tea spoons of apple/orange juice. Bonne appetite!


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