Pumpkin soup

I bought a big slice of pumpkin the other day and thought I´d make a pumpkin soup out of it for a chilli evening. But summer has returned, although only for a couple of weeks, so no chilly evenings, yet. Nothing a bottle of Prosecco can´t fix, however, the soup went fine along with the bubbles. I didn´t have all the ingredients listed below in the house, so my soup was a “cheaper” version than the one presented here. 😉 I hope you´ll give it a try none the less! 😉


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It´s a girl! <3

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Five days ago we got a call from V´s sister, she´d given birth to a sweetheart of around 3 kg; mother and baby were both fine and we were welcome to call on them during the weekend! What a joy! We were so excited, we just needed to find the perfect present first! After entering a couple of children´s stores, outraged about the prices (I usually like to gift one-of -a-kind things, so I normally purchase kid´s things on sale), we finally spottet the cutest baby shoes we could think of. Aren´t they adorable?! Continue reading

Thai laksa my style

There are many types of thai laksa and I´m by no means any expert. Back when I started cooking for real, 12 years ago, I used to follow a recipe to the letter. Now I find myself more and more just opening the fridge putting together something out of the ingredients I already have. This one comes as a middle ground. I usually have coconut milk and some veggies, maybe even some cilantro and lime, if I´m in luck, so I mainly need to buy the fish and some extra fennel or sugar snaps. It only takes 15-20 minutes to make and it´s yummy!


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I was in Bergen on a short business trip and I thought I´d write a couple of posts about this town I love so much. An old Hanseatic harbor situated on the West coast of Norway, Bergen has got charm galore. The city center is contained by 7 mountains and preserves a small town atmosphere with wooden houses, narrow streets and lane ways, a meat market and a fish market, coffee shops and stores. It expands before your eyes as houses seem to be clinging to the mountain back. Nature is majestic and so is the architecture. And the people are so much more polite than the average Norwegian, you wouldn´t believe it!

Bergen was my adoptive home under a 3 months´trial in 2012 and I fell in love with it at once. Unfortunately, the weather is pretty bad due to the town´s geographical position- it´s raining cats and dogs and not only once in a while, either. And since I wasn´t in luck yesterday, I had to do my best with my camera and frozen feet and defeated the rain and my need to stay indoors by the fireplace.

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Sunday mood

I´ve had another exhausting weekend, but I´m starting to come to my senses today. With only two weeks left till my oral certifying exam, I attended an interpreting seminar both Friday and Saturday. Both dialogues and monologues had to be interpreted and I was in the same group with persons that had nothing to do there in the first place. Needless to say I wasn´t on my best behavior. It felt like high school all over again and that cost me a lot of energy, ´cause I´m dead beat now. So beat that I had to go back to sleep an hour after having woken up. I only managed to do something sensible now- put together a veggie soup. We´re having a couple of friends over and I´ll pick up where I left off yesterday with more dialogues and monologues and note-taking technique.

Saturday evening lifted my weekend spirits, we celebrated a friend of ours´40th anniversary. We had dinner at Smia, an  intimate eatery with great food. We had salmon for starters, reindeer for mains and a fancy brownie with ice-cream. And too much wine. The best thing about the dinner was nevertheless the welcome drink- calvados, apple juice and prosecco. Yum! I´ll be sure to try it at home next weekend!

A long, lazy day is coming to an end and I don´t feel like it. Tomorrow I´m flying to Stavanger to interpret in court on Tuesday. But first have dinner with a friend. And shop a little. Meanwhile I´m having some delicious noodles that my husband prepares to me now. 😉

Have a good week!


Getting through every day without losing the energy

>Yesterday was one of those horror days, I worked for 14 h. I left home in the morning and came back at night. Nauseous from the train ride, hungry and beat. But as soon as I opened the door, my three favourite persons in the whole world were overwhelmed to see me: Sam jumped me and kissed my cheeks, Beo miawed in his familiar way and rubbed himself by my legs and Vuong told me there was hot Vietnamese soup in the kitchen. I mean, what more can you want from life?! Am I not the world´s luckiest gal?!

My Beo

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