Baked Salmon à la Vietnamienne

Saturday we had guests and V was the chef. I got away with “cleaning the house” (which was more like tidying up, really), as well as making my now famous vanilla ice-cream. 😉 We were 7 and the fish was devoured in no time. In the mean time, Sam was the main attraction and he got so much love that it´ll hopefully last him for the entire week. 😉IMG_6103 Continue reading

Potato salad

Lately I´ve been feeling very lazy when it comes to cooking. At the same time I´m trying to opt for healthy choices to get rid of my winter belly and feel a bit more energised. So I stocked the cupboards full of quinoa, wheat grain, beans and lentils and the fridge of salad and vegetables. The result has been yummy and surprising every day.

Unfortunately I don´t have many pictures, since aesthetics weren´t my main concern. 😉 But I can guarantee you that this potato salad is a winner! 😉

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Thai laksa my style

There are many types of thai laksa and I´m by no means any expert. Back when I started cooking for real, 12 years ago, I used to follow a recipe to the letter. Now I find myself more and more just opening the fridge putting together something out of the ingredients I already have. This one comes as a middle ground. I usually have coconut milk and some veggies, maybe even some cilantro and lime, if I´m in luck, so I mainly need to buy the fish and some extra fennel or sugar snaps. It only takes 15-20 minutes to make and it´s yummy!


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Healthy inspiration

Oh, it´s so inspirational to eat good food and to see the results so fast!;-) Oysters, shrimps, mayo, salmon tartar, mussels, asparagus, salads, you name it! I´ve been eating so healthy and so diverse, made some delicious quinoa yesterday, getting my oatmeal cottage cheese and raspberry dose every morning and I´m starting to get in shape again, in 10 days´time I´ll be weighing as much as I did as a 18 years old! 😉 Can you believe it?! And all this time I´ve been letting myself get depressed over a little weight instead of actually doing something about it.

Anyway. These couple of days have been wonderful. Lots of walks with the doggies, reading Jonathan Franzen´s “The Corrections” in the garden, my orchids have blossomed and lots of white wine. Enjoy a couple of my pictures! xxx, Alina

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