Pinterest Friday

I wish you a Pinterest Friday- glossy and perfect! 😉

I´m been a bit under the weather the last couple of days, my throat is soar and I´ve had a couple of shitty days at work on account of my state- yesterday I made some mistakes and today I forgot an appointment. 😦 Oops! But then again, I didn´t kill anyone, I don´t know how doctors and nurses can live with themselves when that happens, ´cause I´m a mess already from that! I guess they must have bad days, too. :-/ (And I can´t just stay at home either, ´cause nobody pays me if I´m sick.)

Today we´re invited to dinner and I can´t wait, but since I dread getting ready, I procrastinate, as I always do. 😉 Should be easy, though, even bought some flowers and a bottle of wine. 😉

I wish you an evening full of goodies, like roasted pumpkin seeds, a fall cocktail, a taleggio sandwich and home-made beetroot (or parsnip) chips. 😉  Are you staying in?

xxx, Alina

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