Crappy weather and lots of baking

Summertime. Except we´re in Norway. We´ve had a couple of nice days lately, but I´ve either been working or agonising on my cheek muscles problem. (I can barely open my mouth, which makes eating very unsatisfying. And no, it´s not my wisdom tooth, I´ve had it checked.) So I´ve been baking. It´s soothing and it feeds the people. And it makes me feel useful. 😉

My brother and his wife are coming over for a week and I can´t wait to show them around and let them be a part of our regular schedule, with Sammy walks and all. Also a dear childhood friend is visiting for a couple of days from France and since we haven´t seen each other in 15-16 years, it won’t be a day too soon! 😉 Next Saturday it´s V´s birthday and we´re throwing him a party! I´ve already thought about the food, making a couple of pies, a couple of salads and a couple of cakes. Booze and bubbles are nr. 1 on the list! Take a look at those pictures here and tell me what you think! 😉

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Food for crappy weather

Today I was supposed to attend a course, but I woke up with a horrible cold and decided to stay in bed for the rest of the day instead. Fantasizing about food and summer, I found these images on Pinterest that reflect the way I feel about yet another grey day. Let the summer come before I start binging on food for real! 😉 Continue reading