Lentil soup with cusk fish

It took me about 12 years to liberate myself from recipes and put together my own meals. That doesn´t mean I don´t enjoy a new dish from time to time, but I also don´t need to rush to the store if I don´t have the exact same spice as in the book or tomato paste, for that matter.;-)

Lately I´ve discovered lentils, they work wonderfully in small quantities, both in soups and in salads. Today I tried to replicate a soup from Adams matkasse, a delivery service that brings us groceries and meat for 5 meals once a week. But since I didn´t have all the ingredients, I ended up “creating” this. Hope you´d like to try it!


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I´ve been making focaccia for a while with the occasional tapas, but it was never the real deal until I checked out this recipe. For my Norwegian followers I recommend this blog: www.frumaela.no

1084151_10151526253081711_102203333_oFor my English-speaking readers here it goes:

1kg flour
1 small bag of dried yeast
2 spoons of honey
1-2 spoons of sugar
1-2 spoons of salt
7-9 dl finger-warm water

It´s important to sift the flour and the yeast twice, so the dough gets more fluffy.
Assuming that you´ve baked before, I go straight ahead. You make the dough, you put it on the washing machine and wash some clothes while you´re at it, close the door so the cat doesn´t get curious and then leave it for an hour to rise.

Meanwhile mix some olive oil with rosemary, oregano, thyme and basil. You can also chop some sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese or olives if you´d like the focaccia to be more consistent. Have a glass of Prosecco for the best result!;-)

Before putting it in the oven, make some pits with your fingers and pour in the olive oil and herbs. If you add some tomatoes, olives or cheese, be sure to stick them into the dough. Cut the foccacia then into square chunks. Use a sheet of baking paper under and let the dough rest a while. Bake at 220 degrees C for 15 minutes, then take it out and let it rest for 15 min again. Voilà!