Pinterest Friday

I wish you a Pinterest Friday- glossy and perfect! 😉

I´m been a bit under the weather the last couple of days, my throat is soar and I´ve had a couple of shitty days at work on account of my state- yesterday I made some mistakes and today I forgot an appointment. 😦 Oops! But then again, I didn´t kill anyone, I don´t know how doctors and nurses can live with themselves when that happens, ´cause I´m a mess already from that! I guess they must have bad days, too. :-/ (And I can´t just stay at home either, ´cause nobody pays me if I´m sick.)

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Sunday mood

I´ve had another exhausting weekend, but I´m starting to come to my senses today. With only two weeks left till my oral certifying exam, I attended an interpreting seminar both Friday and Saturday. Both dialogues and monologues had to be interpreted and I was in the same group with persons that had nothing to do there in the first place. Needless to say I wasn´t on my best behavior. It felt like high school all over again and that cost me a lot of energy, ´cause I´m dead beat now. So beat that I had to go back to sleep an hour after having woken up. I only managed to do something sensible now- put together a veggie soup. We´re having a couple of friends over and I´ll pick up where I left off yesterday with more dialogues and monologues and note-taking technique.

Saturday evening lifted my weekend spirits, we celebrated a friend of ours´40th anniversary. We had dinner at Smia, an  intimate eatery with great food. We had salmon for starters, reindeer for mains and a fancy brownie with ice-cream. And too much wine. The best thing about the dinner was nevertheless the welcome drink- calvados, apple juice and prosecco. Yum! I´ll be sure to try it at home next weekend!

A long, lazy day is coming to an end and I don´t feel like it. Tomorrow I´m flying to Stavanger to interpret in court on Tuesday. But first have dinner with a friend. And shop a little. Meanwhile I´m having some delicious noodles that my husband prepares to me now. 😉

Have a good week!