Spring days

Although I must have forgotten to take my pills today, with a fabulous disposition (not) and throbbing anxiety as an outcome, there’s no doubt I’ve been feeling much better lately. Yesterday I even made some chocolate mousse, caught a movie-“Hail, Caesar!” by the Cohen Brothers (God, they´re a bunch of loonies!) and had a couple of drinks, on an almost regular Wednesday. 😉  By the time I went to bed it was past “Christian hours” (I love this expression in Norwegian!), so there´s a slight chance that today’s shape might be directly linked to that.. 😉 haha!


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Gateau Marcel à la Magne

Best cake I´ve had in ages! We went to dinner to some friends´ house and when they served us this cake we managed to eat the whole thing! 🙂 So yesterday I had to replicate the success, since we had guests of our own. 😉 It´s a two layered cake, made out of the same dough, half of it you bake and the rest you put on top as a chocolate mousse. It´s easy to make, scrumptious and divine! As one lady put it, you only need to know how bake two cakes: this and a chocolate cake, in case you have children visiting. 😉 I so agree!

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November week

I was starting to forget the main reason why people love working freelance- being in charge of your own time. I rarely feel this is the case for my part, in my line of work I´m way too busy 90% of the time. Thank God November can be slow! This week has been smooth and good for the soul. I filled my days with a little work, walked with Sam, billed and read. I´m also making healthy comfort food since I´m on a diet. It´s just that I surpassed 60kg and knowing that Christmas is right around the corner and that I´m in my 30s, I thought I´d take matters into my hands before they escalate. Today I thought I should reward myself with a faux chocolate mousse made of avocado, cocoa, bananas, apple juice and olive oil. Blend two avocados, two bananas, 3 tea spoons of cocoa, one tea spoon of olive oil and two tea spoons of apple/orange juice. Bonne appetite!


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