Last day in CPH

IMG_7594We´re home again after a grand weekend away from dog walks and cat poo, from fussing over dinner and going to work at all hours of the day. It´s been so good- sleeping late, eating out, having drinks with friends and discovering the neighbourhood. We´ve mainly kept to Vesterbro, with the exception of yesterday, when we walked all the way to Nyhavn, the canal downtown. The funniest part was when we realised Dyrehaven was just around the corner from our place and we´d walked for at least 20 minutes, round and round the block. Haha!

Yesterday we had brunch at Mother in Kødbyen with Laura from The Copenhagen Tales and her boyfriend. We´d met last year for drinks, both in Oslo and in Copenhagen, so it felt like getting together with old friends. We´d had a rough night since we attended a party, so my social skills were a bit faulty and V had these terrible hot flashes, but I hope they still want to meet up next time! 😉 IMG_7562

The food was great, it was an all you can eat buffet- lots of salads and pasta dishes to choose from, their famous pizzas, juice, sparkling water and whatever coffee you fancied. The place was crowded and the service could have been better, but then again, it was a very busy day since Copenhageners inaugurated their fall holiday. IMG_7561

Good chunks of parmesan- I took lots! 😉IMG_7568


This is Laura, as pretty in real life as she is in her blog! 😉IMG_7574IMG_7615

The funniest thing about these two girls was that we said to each other- “Danish girls are really stylish, not like their provincial Norwegian sisters”! And then we heard them speak Norwegian! Bad, bad, Alina! Now who´s provincial?!IMG_7627


Danish bakeries tempting us with all sorts of goodies, like these lovely raisin buns. 😉IMG_7628

Nyhavn, where we stopped for a drink and then grabbed some churros with chocolate. It was a warm fall day, the town was bustling with people and the anticipation of a new week was hanging in the air. IMG_7631





In the evening we had dinner at Le Le in Vesterbro, street Vietnamese food in a cool environment. I´m very much into cosy, so the decor didn´t meet my need of snuggling up in a corner and munch the food on a Sunday evening, but the dishes were fresh and tasty, although a bit pricey.

See ya all later!

xxx, Alina

7 thoughts on “Last day in CPH

  1. So lovely to meet you guys – as per usual! We’re always up for a repeat, in Oslo or Copenhagen 🙂 Your pictures are really stunning!

  2. Looks like a lovely trip! I`ve never been to CPH, but have always been picturing it pretty much as you described it. 🙂 “(…) dog walks and cat poo, from fussing over dinner and going to work at all hours of the day” really made me laugh!

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