It´s 2nd of June and there´s no sign of summer at all in Oslo. In fact, I turned up the heat yesterday and today, after venturing outside in the rain, with a broken umbrella and a pair of patent leather Louboutins for no reason at all (it turned out my services weren´t needed after all), I came home with a single urge: to make myself a warm cup of tea and put on a pair of wool socks. And since the prospects of hot weather are slim this year (we´re only going to Berlin in July), I thought I should take you with me on a trip to memory lane by showing you a couple of pictures from previous holidays and my outfits, of course. 😉


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I´m having a really difficult time adjusting to this uncertain weather, is it spring, is it still winter, which coat do I wear, do I still need gloves and how come it´s so windy!? At least it´s been sunny, it made it so much easier to spend time outside with my Sammy, without needing to force my own hand.

I´ve only just returned from my trip to Romania and I´m going to Lisbon for a few days in May and still the only thing I can think of is travel. And since France is one of my favorite places, thought I´d share some of my travel pictures with you.

Although I adore France, I haven´t seen nearly as much of it as I should have. Paris is the place I always long for and find a reason to return to, both for its magic and its food. In fact those two are quite interconnected since food is one of the main ingredients of magic! And you´ve got to love French food! Oh, my God! The snails, the cheese, the macarons, the rabbit, the onion marmalade, the Tarte Tatin. Yum! I´ve been to Normandy, Corsica and Cote D’Azur and besides beauty, divine food was the second thing they had in common. I need to explore more, I need to see Provence, the Loire Valley and Bretagne. In the mean time, enjoy a trip on my memory lane!

Restaurant in Corsica, France

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