Sunday in the Woods

Today I took my Sammy to the woods by Nøklevann. First we had our morning coffee at Gordanas’s, where Sam chased a toy mouse and a tennis ball when he was not tickling the girls and stealing kisses from them.

“Did you bring woodsy clothes today?” (the girls)


“Will you be warm?”

“I think so.”

“Where’s your wind jacket?”

“I don’t own one.”


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Minibreak in Ålesund


Hi, peeps! What have you been up to? I hope you´ve missed me, I know I have! 😉 I´ve been busy worrying, working on my accountancy, painting the spare room for the airbnb (almost there!) and walking Sammy. On Tuesday however we flew to Ålesund for the world´s shortest fall break. I had a small assignment there yesterday and so I thought we should use the opportunity to spend some quality time, especially since Frederic hadn´t been there before, this was as good a chance as any. _MG_9714.jpg Continue reading

Fall in August

It´s freezing cold, it´s been raining for 4 days now, it stops for a couple of hours and then it starts pouring all over again. I hate rain so much I wouldn´t even get out of the house if I didn´t need to work and walk Sammy. And being as weather sick as I am, you can only imagine what an amazing company I must be! 😉

Yesterday I was in Ålesund, a pretty town on the Western coast of Norway, and not only was it raining, but the temperature was as low as 11 degrees. Brr! I´d put on more clothes than necessary in Oslo,  but somehow it wasn´t enough, not when you´re walking around in wet ballerinas. Luckily it was only for work and only for a few hours, but by the time I got back it was raining cats and dogs at home, too. Arghhh!

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I´m back!

In case you´ve missed me, I´ve been down with a terrible cold with fever and sneezing and the whole shabam. And since I had some work to do instead of  nurturing my cold it took me ages to recover. Now I´m back on track and ready to roll!;-)

Anyway. Let me tell you about the week that passed. It kind of started on Wednesday, before that I was too sick and too tired to care about anything else than work and sleep. To sum it up, it was all about eating and socializing, as I was lucky not to have too much work on my agenda.

Wednesday- lunch with my lovely friend Elif at The Nighthawk Diner, burgers and fries. Chit chatting and chilling, the perks of being a freelancer finally pay off.

Thursday- out with my friend Kristin, dinner and margaritas at Taco Republica. It´s a fairly new and trendy eatery in Oslo, where they only serve organic food in a cosmopolitan environment.

Friday I had lots of time for my beauty sleep, but also for a walk with Sammie, his girlfriend and a couple of friends. In the evening we attended a fare-well party for a Danish friend who´s both moving back to Copenhagen and getting married. Now that´s what I call a wonderful excuse for social get-together and some bubbles!

Saturday greeted us with sunshine, Vuong took Sammy to the woods while I saw The Forsyte Saga. We then met some friends for coffee, had Chinese dim-sum  at Taste of China and made some pizza for a couple of friends in the evening.

Today was for a good day for soup and reading The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak. It´s a compelling book, but not really my type of writing, so I can’t wait to start a new one.

Here are some pictures.  Hope you had a good week!

xx, Alina

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