Wish List for the Apartment

No Rome pictures, yet, I still haven’t been to eplehuset. But I’ll tell you a bit about our organising the apartment, so it can fit our needs and aesthetics, considering most of my things are in a storage room somewhere.

We’ve ordered a new couch and we’re getting it by mid-October, can’t wait. My old one is in storage (and when moving it I realised it’s pretty well scratched and a bit yellowish, too, so I’ll probably sell it for peanuts afterwards) and F’s is too small for two. I’m not sure it’s this one and the color is grey anyway, but you get the picture. šŸ˜‰
Skjermbilde 2017-09-01 09.27.12

Also he’s sold and given away a couple of things to make room for mine (hehe!) and now I’m looking at headboards to unburden an old door from its present function. šŸ˜‰

Skjermbilde 2017-09-01 09.20.31.png

I’m dreaming of a new rug, too, but I haven’t said that aloud yet. šŸ˜‰ Was thinking of this one here. What do you reckon?

Skjermbilde 2017-09-01 09.19.01.png

Last, but not least, we need a new table. His old one is very masculine and I want the apartment to look like we both live here, right? Let’s see what he thinks about the pink one. haha!

Skjermbilde 2017-09-01 09.24.09

xxx, Alina

Source: Kiil, Ellos, Tannum

Derek Swalwell


IĀ“ve done some laundry, decluttered the bedroom, read the newspaper and aired the house, now itĀ“s time for some much needed inspiration and a nap before we go out for dinner. This evening weĀ“re seeing John Legend in concert and we canĀ“t wait. Meanwhile, I discovered Derek Swalwell, an Australian photographer whose work is stunning! Not only are the images beautifully curated, but they convey such a serene atmosphere I feel like jumping right in, like Alice in Wonderland.;-) Enjoy!

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Mykonos holiday retreat

This is the British couple Katie and Jonny FriedmanĀ“s paradise on earth and you can rent it for holidays if you wish! Facing the Aegean sea, the house preserves the architecture typical for Greece that the owners have spiced up with some designer classics such as George Nelson lamps, tulip chairs and so on. An ascetic feeling predominates and invites you to enjoy your leisure time.

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Ellegant UllevƄl apartment

Beats me why anybody would ever want to sell this magnificent place, but then again, we wouldnĀ“t be able to see so much beauty if it werenĀ“t for real estate agencies. This dwelling is in a residential area in Oslo, one of the most exquisite, I would say, home to people working in media and academia. I love all the original details, like the broad wooden floors, the stove, the windows and the bourgeois grey tones. Large rooms full of light, a garden where the dog would reside most of the time and little birds the cat would observe from the window pane, this is full bliss for a small family of four! What is your opinion?

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Welcome Christmas in your apartment the Danish way

You just have to love this apartment! I often read Danish magazines, I find their style more enticing than the Norwegian and the Swedish one, itĀ“s less clean, more ethnic and more playful. And the apartments and houses over there are huge in comparison! I like the way the owner has carefully selected all the pieces of the apartment, indeed it seems a curated home. Let the Christmas begin!

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Classy apartment in St.Haugen, Oslo

I love this one! So stylish and bold, all the colors and the light, not to mention the furniture! I can see myself living here, going through those big doors and reading by the fire place, entertaining friends in the dining room and doing my office work in the living! Personally I would have preferred the kitchen and the dining room to be one big room, but I think I could live with this “drawback”. Take a look and tell me what you think!

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Weekends are holy. I stopped working weekends about a year ago, unless thereĀ“s a particular emergency to justify it. Saturdays focus on me and my needs since Vuong often works, but include a longer walk with Sam, our lovely samoyed. Today I invited a couple of friends for pancakes and coffee, otherwise IĀ“m just reading and observing the apartment, canĀ“t wait till the hallway is done, next week, I hope! IĀ“ll be sure to post lots of pictures since our weekend project turned out to last for 2 months. Have a good one!


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Beautiful Vilnius apartment

After spending several years to find the perfect apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania,Ā architect Rytis Mikulionis chose to settle down here. I understand him perfectly. Far away from being a minimalist myself, I find myself drawn to clean lines, spacious rooms and underplayed surfaces. I imagine this being a bachelorĀ“s home. What do you think?

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