Kardamyli, Greece

Long time, no see. Missed me? Last time I checked in, I was overworked and pretty much fed up, now however I´m back with new forces from a week´s holiday in lovely Kardamyli, Greece. A week of sunbathing, swimming in the sea, devouring delicious sea food, enjoying a glass of rosé in the shade of a fig tree or under a vine roof, counting mosquito bites and doing a bit of reading, too. 😉 13592421_10153709126536711_1510472011291841461_n

The hotel was spartan and yet perfect-family owned, 10 rooms only, white marble floors, whitewashed walls and everything super clean and charming. The view from the balcony was onto the mountains, the owner was a lovely old man who´d greet us in Greek every time he saw us and the beach was only 5 minutes away. In addition to that, the temperature was somewhere between 30 and 33 and not 40, as in Rhodes or in Santorini. 13718811_10153724424491711_8215225836026533657_nThe Peloponnese peninsula is green and lush, lots of oleander trees with their intoxicating smell and  bougainvillea with their vivid color fighting for land over olive and fig trees. 13599773_10153710764766711_8411817348922838386_n13600108_10153712881611711_8881934960390197195_n13620006_10153712881751711_7939081101605007541_nThere was also an old town, too hot for me to explore more than 5 minutes, but very pretty nonetheless. 13700190_10153719944571711_7268817918947133179_n13612187_10153712881621711_2059120343225227313_n13606866_10153724424356711_7177149621285279226_nMissing Sam as much as I did, I befriended all the dogs and cats of Kardamyli and there were quite a few, I tell ya! 😉13620872_10153709126511711_872227639037488785_n13615394_10153710764511711_4394070652224458686_n13627239_10153712881631711_6575518555773960136_nHappy cutie. 13692571_10153723078866711_8028102555402618836_nWhen I grow up, I want to live in a house like this one. 😉

xxx, Alina

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