Wishing for summer

Now that spring is here (at last!), I find myself dreaming of summer more and more. In fact, it´s just a couple of months away! Summer for me will always be bare toes, white houses by the sea, lazy mornings in bed, garden parties, cocktails, flowers and beach babes. What´s your idea of a perfect summer? This is mine!

de72f64e62a53db4da431e5c70ec0e14      1.                       Bougainvillea in Greece, matching the door, how cute is that?

96527ef94b5d2241549ac8d3d7f861002.                                        A wide and comfortable bed in pastel colours.


3.          The perfect terrace for those late night hang-outs.



4.                                         Pretty drinks for my lady friends. 😉


5.                        An ingenious way to style flowers.

6.                   I want her body! Too thin? No! I could work those hips just right!

xxx, Alina

Source: all images are from Pinterest

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