Christmas Eve

This year we´re celebrating Christmas in the family, meaning the two of us and our pets. We haven´t actually stayed at home without working or being invited at some other people´s house before, so this is a new experience, but what a lovely one! We woke up early enough and spent a couple of hours drinking coffee, doing nothing and just dragging ourselves around the house (my most favorite activity!). Then V went out to walk Sammy and bought the last ingredients for the orange sauce we´ll make for the duck breast this evening. Meanwhile I set the table, lit the candles, boiled some eggs and took out the Prosecco bottle from the fridge. We dug in, I suggested he opened his present, so he could wear it around and feel comfortable, he loved it and so we toasted for a better year next year. After drinking a bottle of prosecco and a couple of weissbier, watching old Disney cartoons and petting Beo, V and Sam had a nap, while I edited some pictures.(NERD!) I can feel sleep on my eyelashes now, my time to take a nap. I wish you a merry merry Christmas!;-)


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Christmas mood

Today was a good day. After a busy weekend of waking up early every day, today I could finally take it easy. I had a couple of work assignments, but other than that I mainly slept and enjoyed myself. It´s mid November already and I feel Christmas is right around the corner. This year I´m not going to overdo anything, I promised myself I´ll have realistic expectations of both myself and the others. My plans are to ease into the Christmas mood by mid December and have lots of energy for Christmas parties and the likes. With that in mind, I started reading a magazine and listen to Nat King Cole singing about the Yuletide season. 😉

I feel lighter these days, I managed to give away pretty much clothing I wasn´t wearing anymore and the bedroom is finally up for an update, hopefully in January. We need reading lamps but being both very particular, it takes ages to decide upon anything, really. Today I was browsing through some web shops and felt so happy when I saw  this one from Restart Milano! It´s just perfect! The slim lines, the golden touch, I was sold! And the fact that it´s simply called Wall Lamp Long makes it even more alluring. Anything that beautiful was made to last, I figure.;-) In Norway you can purchase it at Bolina, but I´m sure you can find it in an cool designer store near your home, too.

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Apartment with personality

The most important thing for me while decorating an apartment is taking my time. This is our 4th apartment in 11 years and the second one we bought. (In Norway you buy, reside a while, improve/renovate and sell. Then you buy bigger, nicer, and so on, until you hopefully land the property of your dreams, at least within your financial range.) I studied for a long time and now it´s my husband turn to break through as a designer, meaning we´ve been living on a tight or semi-tight  budget for many years. At the same time, both of us have a strong need to surround ourselves with beautiful things, so we don´t want to compromise too much when it comes to quality. We bought too many crappy Ikea things that broke and ended up in the trash, so now it´s either design, vintage or inherited stuff. My recipe for an original interior is as such: you need a couple of beautiful and sturdy pieces of furniture, like a leather recliner, a dining table and chairs, a coffee table and a sideboard, a couple of artsy pictures and lots of fond memories (shells and sand or small candle holders and figurines). Throw in a beautiful kelim rug and a couple of gracious pets! Voilà!;-)

The rest you can get along the way, from flea markets, discount stores or second hand designer shops. 😉 We haven´t been able to keep the same couch since the cats have scratched it or it has turned soggy, but next year´s treat is a big, comfy designer couch from Andreas Engesvik!

What do you think?


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Fall in our home

Yesterday I had a day off and it worked wonders for a tired soul.;-) I did some laundry, uncluttered my wardrobe (for the 5th time this year!) and bought some ingredients for today´s party. We had lunch in town and dinner out-of-town, all in all it was a pretty amazing day. I also had some time to sneak fall into our apartment, meaning I picked some chestnuts from the ground, bought a new blanket and some candles. This is what our living room looks like now.


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I´ve always loved prints, don´t you?! We´ve collected prints, especially lithography for quite a while now, but we need some small pieces of art to put on a tiny shelf in our bedroom. In search for some colorful and inexpensive decoration, I stumbled upon many gems on Etsy. The two first are funny, the following two are artsy, the fifth is vintage and I love it most and the sign is just too cool!Take a look!

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New kitchen

It seems we might be able to do some changes around the house this summer, although we had not foreseen it, to put it like that. The kitchen is our first priority, since we spend so much time there and it has such a good vibe. The previous owner was a young lad interested in making as good a profit from selling the apartment as possible. So he chose a plain Ikea kitchen and the cheapest tiles he could come over.

We´d like to get rid of the top cupboards and build some pretty shelves instead. As tiles, we love the metro ones from Fired Earth, they have both a rustic and a decadent touch at the same time!

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Dream living room

I just found the perfect couch, too! I need to check with my better half, but I´ll manage to convince him if he doesn´t see things my way! This summer, things will change around here! No more half solutions accepted and a major clean-up is due! For the ones of you following me for a while you know the limited edition PH-lamp is on the top of my list, almost before the telephone invoice (haha) and now I can start saving for my dream couch, too! The Plank sofa is a cooperation between the Norwegian Knudsen/Berg/Hindenes&Myhr and the Danish dk3 and Dinesen. The latter are very famous for their incredible hard wood floors, take a look here. What do you think? I´m so excited I´m out of words!