Wish list for a neat home

When it comes to a more zen type of house, we´re making progress! We hardly bought anything this year, in fact we only dragged a retro tricycle in, replaced the couch (with a retro/used one), purchased a String shelf (like the one in image 2) and a shoe shelf from Normann Copenhagen. Oh, and won a 220€ voucher at Lafactory, a cool Danish furniture shop, where we chose this chair and this chair. Haha! Doesn´t sound like nothing, hm? But for us it is! We´re usually hopeless when it comes to over-stuffing our home!

But we´re getting there! We only need a couple of more storage elements and 30-40 m2 more! 😉 Here are my most wanted things:

  1. Trolley

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Industrial feel apartment

One thing you have to give the Dutch is the know-how. They´re just super cool and I mean it. I was surprised how much I liked Amsterdam. Not only did I like it, they way you do with some cities and then can´t wait to go home, I really enjoyed being there, too. We need to go back soon ´cause it had all the ingredients of a super cool town. Those being said,  If I ever had the possibility to convert an old factory into a family apartment, this is pretty much how I would do it. I hope you´ll find this Amsterdam apartment as charming as I do.

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