Hengki Koentjoro

Let me introduce you to Hengki Koentjoro, a fine art photographer living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I stumbled across his work yet again through Lumas, seems like I get to learn a bit about the artistic world through them. I was immediately fascinated by his black and white pictures, the light and the shades. In an interview given to ndmagazine, he lets us know about his background as a graduate from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1991. At present he´s working as a video cameraman for a production house in Jakarta, photography being mainly a leisure time hobby. If only I had a hobby like this one!;-) Enjoy!

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Valérie Belin

I was taken aback by those ethereal photo collages by Valérie Belin. The explosion of color provides a perfect layout for the woman´s portrait. Her frailty and her intangible beauty are only enhanced by the floral motive. I can´t pretend to know the first thing about art, but this touched me. You can get yours at Lumas.

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Laurent Chehere

I discovered Laurent Chehere via Lumas, a concept store where you can buy limited edition photography and art at affordable prices. A French photographer born in 1972, he explores  poor Parisian neighborhoods and lifts them up through the themes of cinematographers as Hayao Miyazaki, Wim Wenders, Federico Fellini and Marcel Carné. I want them all!


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Getting there

I haven´t written about our apartment in a long time, mostly because I´m so frustrated about how long it takes to get in order! Grrr!

We still need a bigger wardrobe, we need somebody to dig for the original floors, plaster the walls in the living room, the bedroom and the studio, renovate the bathroom, build some extra shelves, buy some art and redo half the kitchen! It´s gonna take forever and cost a fortune! I want a marble counter top and some nice lamps, as well as shelves.

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Joey L via Lumas

I discovered Lumas in November last year, in Berlin. The concept is pretty cool- affordable art, meaning that a photography is available in a limited number of exemplars and its selling price rises along with the demand. We were supposed to buy one picture as a Christmas gift for the house, but the jolly season proved more expensive than we had foreseen. 😉

This week´s artist is Joey L. and his pictures of holy men of India is no less than amazing! Thought I´d share them with you!

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