The girl with pearls

As I might have mentioned before, I grew up with my grandma. My parents lived in the same city and would eat dinner with us everyday, help us with our homework and then go home. We would spend the weekends together. I always found that difficult and I still do. But that´s a story for another day.

Today I wanted to tell you a funny story from back when I was 10 years old. My mum reminded me of it, I had completely forgotten. You see, my grandma had a friend, Madam Diaconu, and she was a stylish lady. Or at least wannabe stylish- she would wear a wig, black or red pearls and red lipstick. And even though I didn´t like her much, I must have admired her charms ´cause my mother “caught” me coming back from school with a hideous old-lady pearl string on top of my patterned sweater. She laughed so hard when she reminisced that I thought she´d choke! Haha! I can picture myself, the wannabe diva, too young to be bad-taste and too old to be cute! haha! Unfortunately I don´t have a picture close by, so I´ll give you this cutie instead.



I´ve always loved prints, don´t you?! We´ve collected prints, especially lithography for quite a while now, but we need some small pieces of art to put on a tiny shelf in our bedroom. In search for some colorful and inexpensive decoration, I stumbled upon many gems on Etsy. The two first are funny, the following two are artsy, the fifth is vintage and I love it most and the sign is just too cool!Take a look!

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