Artsy beginnings

There´s something about new year that makes you want to improve, grow, change. It also applies to the outside world- freshen up your home, get a couple of new plants, change your hair style, have a mani-pedi. I love collecting beauty and what better excuse to do so than New Year´s Eve promotion codes!

Today I acquired these prints from Hilde Mork´s  web store and I can´t wait to get them! The first goes in the bedroom and the second one in the living room. Or maybe the kitchen. What do you reckon? I love the faded colors, the greys and the fact that they´re both understated. Any New Year´s purchases on your part?;-)

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I´ve always loved prints, don´t you?! We´ve collected prints, especially lithography for quite a while now, but we need some small pieces of art to put on a tiny shelf in our bedroom. In search for some colorful and inexpensive decoration, I stumbled upon many gems on Etsy. The two first are funny, the following two are artsy, the fifth is vintage and I love it most and the sign is just too cool!Take a look!

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Being creative

Yesterday was a good day. I had a short window of time between jobs, so I  raided one of my favourite interior decoration shops- Norway Designs where I discovered Kristina Dam! A lovely Danish artist who combines graphics and modern art in enchanting pictures, I just had to have one! I´m fond of photography and graphics and definitely a collector in every sense of the word. At the same time I´ve never felt I could splurge on a certain art piece, so I go for prints in the shops and I trawl flea-markeds and thrift stores where you can buy many small pieces without ruining yourself.

Kristina Dam

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