Getting there

I haven´t written about our apartment in a long time, mostly because I´m so frustrated about how long it takes to get in order! Grrr!

We still need a bigger wardrobe, we need somebody to dig for the original floors, plaster the walls in the living room, the bedroom and the studio, renovate the bathroom, build some extra shelves, buy some art and redo half the kitchen! It´s gonna take forever and cost a fortune! I want a marble counter top and some nice lamps, as well as shelves.

Source: kvanum

In the meantime, our 2,5 years old bed broke and the dish washer is throwing in the towel. And I´ve been dreaming of Smeg elements ever since I saw them 12 years ago in a magazine, but do they come with a stiff price tag or what?!

Source: appliance

The couch pillows tore up on one side, so it´s time for a new sofa, too. Not to mention I need this limited edition PH- lamp that they only have in store until 31. May! And I love Akos Major´s photography from Lumas. But we´re as broke as America. 😉

Source: stylizimo

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