New kitchen

It seems we might be able to do some changes around the house this summer, although we had not foreseen it, to put it like that. The kitchen is our first priority, since we spend so much time there and it has such a good vibe. The previous owner was a young lad interested in making as good a profit from selling the apartment as possible. So he chose a plain Ikea kitchen and the cheapest tiles he could come over.

We´d like to get rid of the top cupboards and build some pretty shelves instead. As tiles, we love the metro ones from Fired Earth, they have both a rustic and a decadent touch at the same time!

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Perfect Saturday

How are you doing? I´ve had perfect Saturday doing only things I enjoy! I went to town hand in hand with my husband, found a gift from Piet Hein for my friend Cristina, had lunch and got in touch with a guy doing research about Roma people from Romania (fate wanted that to happen since I´m a Romanian interpreter and they need one to accompany them for field trips to Stockholm and Copenhagen!), ate Mexican tapas with close friends to celebrate Cristina´s birthday and stayed up late chit chatting in bed with the birthday girl like teen agers on high school trips.

We also got around to order a new bedroom lamp from George Nelson since I decided that 2014 is the year we get our apartment in order. I already arranged a meeting with a professional to design a new wardrobe and we´re also looking for somebody to paint our walls and dig for the original floors. 😉 A few more baskets for the shoes and Sam and his crate out of the bedroom and it´ll finally turn into a romantic place you actually want to go to sleep in! Do you have that problem,too? That your bedroom is just one big mess of unfolded bedding and socks and orchids that stopped blooming ten years ago? Any advice is much appreciated! Have a lovely Sunday!

Saturday plans

We´re in the midst of a horrible idea of mine- preparing coarse walls for paint using filler over the entire hallway. I won´t say people didn´t warn us, but I´m always so optimistic, you see. Instead of helping out, I soon found out I could make a soup and tidy up my closet.

We´re now sitting on the floor wondering how long it will take, at the same time as we´re making plans to redo the whole apartment in the summer. Do it the right way- check into a hotel with cat and dog and let professionals do their magic. Meanwhile, I´ll show you some of my favorite bathrooms. I like different styles and the bath tub with lion feet has been on my list for ages, but I´m not so good at cleaning, so I think I´ll make it easy on myself and go for something where you can just flush the whole room with soapy water and it´s clean. What do you think?

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