Getting there

I haven´t written about our apartment in a long time, mostly because I´m so frustrated about how long it takes to get in order! Grrr!

We still need a bigger wardrobe, we need somebody to dig for the original floors, plaster the walls in the living room, the bedroom and the studio, renovate the bathroom, build some extra shelves, buy some art and redo half the kitchen! It´s gonna take forever and cost a fortune! I want a marble counter top and some nice lamps, as well as shelves.

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Welcome Christmas in your apartment the Danish way

You just have to love this apartment! I often read Danish magazines, I find their style more enticing than the Norwegian and the Swedish one, it´s less clean, more ethnic and more playful. And the apartments and houses over there are huge in comparison! I like the way the owner has carefully selected all the pieces of the apartment, indeed it seems a curated home. Let the Christmas begin!

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