My future abode

I’m a diva to the bone- crazy about the real bourgeois feeling with dark colors, heavy velvet/silk curtains, wooden board flooring and industrial windows. Also I’m a sucker for the artsy chaos you see in the magazines, but find it hard to stop when the look is just right and end up with a bohemian look instead.Skjermbilde 2016-10-22 18.49.38.png Continue reading

Industrial Loft in Barcelona


Resembling a New York apartment, this loft is a rare find in Barcelona with its 170 m2 areal, its incredible light and all the original details. I love the feeling such a huge space gives one when scarcely furnished, how the interior is kept simple without turning boring, not to speak of all the glimpses of color and playfulness. I´ve always appreciated open solutions, but I don´t know if it´s so easy to receive guest when you don´t have a bedroom door? What do you think?

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