I was in Bergen on a short business trip and I thought I´d write a couple of posts about this town I love so much. An old Hanseatic harbor situated on the West coast of Norway, Bergen has got charm galore. The city center is contained by 7 mountains and preserves a small town atmosphere with wooden houses, narrow streets and lane ways, a meat market and a fish market, coffee shops and stores. It expands before your eyes as houses seem to be clinging to the mountain back. Nature is majestic and so is the architecture. And the people are so much more polite than the average Norwegian, you wouldn´t believe it!

Bergen was my adoptive home under a 3 months´trial in 2012 and I fell in love with it at once. Unfortunately, the weather is pretty bad due to the town´s geographical position- it´s raining cats and dogs and not only once in a while, either. And since I wasn´t in luck yesterday, I had to do my best with my camera and frozen feet and defeated the rain and my need to stay indoors by the fireplace.








IMG_8451While in Bergen, I usually do my round: visit Pepper, a cool concept store selling both fashion and life style articles, then Scarpa, a lovely shop offering exclusive women´s wear for those over 30, get some home made chocolate with sea salt from Molière, maybe Christmas decorations from Decoroom and have lunch in one of the cool places in town.



I had lots of time on my hands yesterday, but because I was supposed to work till 4 and the weather was that bad, I didn´t feel like making any appointments with people I know in town. I therefore lunched alone at Colonialen at Litteraturhuset. I had celery soup with bacon and olive oil and a glass of white wine. Best soup I´ve had in ages! Yummy!





Before jumping on my train to the airport, I warmed my feet by the fireplace in the hotel lounge. So long, Bergen! See you next year!

xxx, Alina

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