It´s a girl! <3

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Five days ago we got a call from V´s sister, she´d given birth to a sweetheart of around 3 kg; mother and baby were both fine and we were welcome to call on them during the weekend! What a joy! We were so excited, we just needed to find the perfect present first! After entering a couple of children´s stores, outraged about the prices (I usually like to gift one-of -a-kind things, so I normally purchase kid´s things on sale), we finally spottet the cutest baby shoes we could think of. Aren´t they adorable?!IMG_5146On our way to the train, Sam stopped a thousand times, climbing each bench and stone, eager to pose and get a couple of reassuring smooches. And I wanted a picture, too! IMG_5162Mother-in-law picked us up at the train station and she was driving as if she was chasing a criminal, I couldn´t believe my luck when we got there in one piece! When we finally arrived, the cutest little angel was there to greet us. God, she was adorable! Just perfect! So tiny and frail, all smiley and sleepy.. I held her in my arms and she grabbed my finger, with her miniature hands. IMG_5170

Benjamin is a big brother now and he was in serious need of attention. We played a bit, petted Sam and had some ice-cream, but what he wanted to do most was hold his mother tight. Such a sweet boy! IMG_5175

I had to laugh at V´s t-shirt, it seemed to be made for an occasion like this one! It´s a girl!  IMG_5180

Me and mother-in-law, now proud grandma of two. She insisted on a couple of rather odd advice: that the mother shouldn´t touch ice-cream, it wasn´t good for her after giving birth. We all watched her munch on a nectarine, a bit frustrated and a bit bemused, not being able to say no to her mom and yet not really getting what the fuss was all about. It was just an ice-cream!IMG_5177


While Sammy savoured his treat in the back yard, we had Pho for lunch. Although lacking a couple of veggies, it was still yummy!IMG_5195IMG_5196The king, on the neighbour´s property. He somehow can´t seem to understand the concept of trespassing. 😉 haha! Stay tuned for new adventures!

xxx, Alina

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