Saturday thoughts

This week has been a good one, both professionally and weather-wise. Sommer returned for a couple of days and brought a smile upon everybody´s face and a strong desire to live. We went to the Botanical Garden, had lunch and coffee breaks outdoors and a picnic in the park. Unfortunately V was stuck by a needle, so we ended up at the Emergency Room yesterday evening, to take a blood test. I tried to comfort him while he had a rant about drug addicts and how they ruin a perfectly good park where lots of children play all the time. The rest is not suitable for a public blog. We were advised not to dramatise the situation, since only an infinitesimal amount of people end up being infected. But it´s a horrible situation to be in none the less. Continue reading


Heia! How have you been? I´ve been running around these couple of days, between jobs, friends and home and my whole body hurts as though I´d been working with my back! Besides buying groceries and taking Sam out once out of three times, I haven´t done that much, but working as an interpreter sure takes its toll on me. After a 9 hours´ day, I usually fall half-dead on the couch and watch Hbo with V. (we´re on Brotherhood now and we love it!)

Today was not as busy however, so I managed to squeeze in a long awaited coffee with a friend of mine and Sam. We sat outside with our necks stretched towards the sun (while Sam was hiding under the bench) and I almost had a heat stroke, I swear! But it felt amazing, after all these cold days, when winter seemed to be never-ending, you need a bit of sun to feel alive again!

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Once in a while I get to travel in my work and this time the trip went to Trondheim. Although I´d been here before, last time was a brief weekend visit two years ago and before that I was a student mainly concerned with shopping and partying, so I can´t say I´d seen the city properly before. This time Vuong came along to keep me company and check out shops to place his products in, so I was in luck! Otherwise I would have most probably eaten i my hotel room and spent most of my afternoon napping. 😉 Remember I´m a napper?


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Sunday mood

I´ve had another exhausting weekend, but I´m starting to come to my senses today. With only two weeks left till my oral certifying exam, I attended an interpreting seminar both Friday and Saturday. Both dialogues and monologues had to be interpreted and I was in the same group with persons that had nothing to do there in the first place. Needless to say I wasn´t on my best behavior. It felt like high school all over again and that cost me a lot of energy, ´cause I´m dead beat now. So beat that I had to go back to sleep an hour after having woken up. I only managed to do something sensible now- put together a veggie soup. We´re having a couple of friends over and I´ll pick up where I left off yesterday with more dialogues and monologues and note-taking technique.

Saturday evening lifted my weekend spirits, we celebrated a friend of ours´40th anniversary. We had dinner at Smia, an  intimate eatery with great food. We had salmon for starters, reindeer for mains and a fancy brownie with ice-cream. And too much wine. The best thing about the dinner was nevertheless the welcome drink- calvados, apple juice and prosecco. Yum! I´ll be sure to try it at home next weekend!

A long, lazy day is coming to an end and I don´t feel like it. Tomorrow I´m flying to Stavanger to interpret in court on Tuesday. But first have dinner with a friend. And shop a little. Meanwhile I´m having some delicious noodles that my husband prepares to me now. 😉

Have a good week!



February started with a pang- a whole Saturday of training for the my oral examination in order to become a certified interpreter. We were three Romanian interpreters, two role-players and a certified English interpreter who volunteered to help us. It was really tough and I have to admit I had to swallow my pride a little bit at the end of the session. Everybody has stuff that need working on, but one never likes being reminded of that.

Sunday I was so beat I couldn´t lift a finger. I had to take a nap for a couple hours after waking up because everything was blurry and I was feeling both nauseous and dizzy. I was so exhausted I almost got worried, but today I was ready to resume my normal life course.

I had a day off and although I spent most of it on accountancy, I got to enjoy the rays of sun piercing through our window. And so did our cat. He was so happy observing the birds outside, probably sensing spring in the air, he wouldn´t move for ages, eating some leaves from my favorite plant (that makes him throw up) and warming himself up.

In the afternoon a friend dropped by for coffee and we found ourselves reminiscing about our youth over a biscuit or two. I´m now making mousakka ´cause I need to get rid of all those organic potatoes and eggplants. Meanwhile, I´m sipping some wine and looking forward to Californication. 😉 Have a lovely week!

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